1. OP on some bullshit with that statement. Just for a fun comparison, let’s throw some numbers around. The average nba career is 4.5 years, so we’ll round that up 5, this is lebrons 20th season, 4x as much. The average nba players age is 26, Lebron is 38, that’s 1.5x older.

  2. For the record, OP was blaming Darvin Ham. (For overplaying LeBron)

  3. @NBA_University is source of image, not sure the data source:

  4. Exactly. We were winning BECAUSE role players were finally relaxed and having fun.

  5. AD is our defense, that’s my main takeaway from this

  6. Reminder: if you keep voting for Kuz too, KP will never move up.

  7. Lol. He could’ve tweeted “Gervonta” or used a 🥊 emoji. He’s trolling.

  8. Looks like equipment & in-game support notes, is that what we’re talking about?

  9. 4. His girlfriend (@winnieharlow) has been telling her 10.2 million followers to vote for him.

  10. All we need now is Lebron tweeting support for Bridges.

  11. If they ain’t ask him about Rondo why would they ask about Bridges

  12. We should get a answer about him from Darvin Ham in the post game press conference.

  13. I’m starting to think it’s career threatening. Think Yao…

  14. How often do nba players attend nba games?

  15. active NBA players? not on either team? I've only seen it in the playoffs.

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