1. I like how this is going. So he could of killed multiple different demons and had children with that he summoned from different parts of the world? What about if I also said angels and gods too? Since his right hand man champion fighter son would be a huge brute-like fighter and bodyguard. This would be the western half-demon son's enemy and rival.

  2. I understand what you mean, (also idk why you got downvoted)

  3. That’s crazy, I just wish I could’ve thanked him for everything. It breaks my heart that I will never be able to see my favorite artist perform or post to his fans. On a side note I find it beautiful that his community/fans are still keeping his legacy thriving. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find who did the interview, I needed it for my own personal research

  4. I would of just fell nuts first onto that branch with my level of finesse

  5. I could of had a couple if I didn’t recycle all mine for sp every time dang it

  6. Wouldn’t cry about it. I would of definitely not buy it though if they did. Good thing they didn’t ruin STI

  7. I honestly agree I feel Karol should of stayed longer and build more relationships to convince them to vote out Aiden and James and use the animals to set up traps around the camp and frame them making everyone hate them. Once both are gone Karol can focus on making alliances with the campers and vote the weakest one. Once one of the campers notice that Karol is up to no good both campers will team up to stop her and play her game but with a twist. Before the camp fire they sabotage the votes and since it’s just two campers and karol she looses and go home. That’s how I would write but that’s just me 🤷‍♀️

  8. It would be interesting if it’s one of the girls. I would like if the Mc could bring up, great u found out they were cheating but you could of told me privately instead of leaking it in the most humiliating way possible? The execution is what’s hard to forgive to me.

  9. As it turns out I had conflicting dependencies. Thank you for reminding me that it could of been the cause.

  10. Would of thought we would of sent them and Poland all of our m1a1s

  11. Ya they kept begging da crowd to turn on their lights to make it a cinematic moment. It was a cool vibe just wish these niggas took more pride in their craft, the energy could of been way better

  12. It's sad because the kid could of had a good life but he ended up in a terrible predicament

  13. Yeah just finished it, did 160 summons and only 2 SR characters and one was a dupe. I could of swore the game was better than this but it's been 2 years, shame already deleted it the rates are just awful.

  14. The someone that should provide coverage is your friends. They failed to read and understand all the fine print in their insurance policy and doordash agreement. If they did they could of easily added the proper insurance.

  15. Europe should have no Soviet aircraft left it should of all be sent to Ukraine.

  16. Should still be in the machine, not something that would of been removed. I’ll verify what’s in it in the morning.

  17. I got in when I applied. The back-ups I looked at were grad and phd programs as alternatives. I had a bio-chem focus with my animal science degree. I looked into some animal nutrition phds, neuroscience phds and animal physiology phds within my animal science department. Most vet schools have grad and phd programs separate from DVM for animal toxicology/virology/immunology ect. The phds do not make you a vet, but would allow you to work in animal health. The most interesting one I think would of been dairy nutrition masters or phd. Most vets in academia have a masters or phd.

  18. Honestly an I know this is going to recieve a lot of hate, they should of been deleting all duped content as soon as they could pinpoint the items duped, yes this would cause a lot of upset in the people trading for duped goods, another simple solution when they delete the goods source the information for the player of origin/the player who dropped it at said location basically keep following the breadcrumbs till they find the Witch responsible an then Burn their account/alt accounts, target the IP&Consoles of Origin For Said Accounts Provide Formal Warnings and Temporary but Hefty Lengthed Bans for All Accounts on those Consoles/IP Address and a Permanent Ban&Deletion of Account for the Primary Offender.

  19. Well shes always good at bringing up other people's name isn't she! Funny how so many leave and she says pretty much the same thing about them. She cant see shes clearly the problem.

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