1. INFO FOR TONIGHT: Round 1 is General knowledge, not related to the theme.

  2. is it at Elst brewing company on north central street ??

  3. Is there a bootcamp that you recommend?

  4. For the first one, I was thinking either

  5. Came to say this. They have a "Nick & J's way" with bacon, mushrooms, two kinds of cheese. The food is so so good, but this burger...I have dreams about it.

  6. This is so funny to me. I strip off everything when I weigh and you're just boldly stepping on wearing flip-flops lol

  7. Do you also exhale every ounce of air from your lungs?!?! ha ha. I'm the same way. I was once holding my phone while stepping on the scale and I dropped it like a hot potato!

  8. Why are you here? Unless you’re still upset about losing to us in shooty hoops last week.

  9. And we won our bowl game, ha ha ha ha haa.

  10. And tonight for the Lady Vols! Game day is on before that one, too.

  11. Last night. Don’t show up to the stadium tonight, you’ll be disappointed.

  12. Ooooh, sorry. And we got beat to boot. Womp...

  13. Lots of work, nice job. I did pretty well but I did not know about 3 artists.

  14. Where does all this money come from?

  15. From me and all the money I make hosting trivia.

  16. Indeed Job Search = 59,204 openings.

  17. The best ROI for the university they will ever spend. Think about the dramatic increase in the market value of the Tennessee brand since Danny White and CJH came to UT. I saw a list a few weeks ago comparing the salaries of all the SEC coaches and frankly I was embarrassed about where heupel was on the list. Nature is healing.

  18. I agree. He was like 12th out of 16th in pay in the SEC. Even with this bump, he's still, what, 6th? Let's earn that natty and get Heup to the Top!

  19. Hardin Valley during school pick up and dropoff.....my hell is a reality!!

  20. I weep for you. I live out in HV and see it all the time. It's insane.

  21. THIS. You hit that at the right time and it's 30 minutes to 1.4 miles.

  22. Too funny, I posted a news story about expanding 40/75. Hopefully, it will be a live/work in the same area type of thing.

  23. Have you looked into Course Careers? I'm currently taking this course and it's excellent. I'm excited because they are connected with companies that offer graduating students "paid internships" or just flat-out jobs. No income share needed. With what they are teaching, it looks like companies are reaching out to students/grads via LinkedIn for interviews, too.

  24. Did anyone mention The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo/super producers)

  25. I was thinking like a picture round. 10 to 12 pictures where all the pictures have celestial names. Here's one on Hot Things:

  26. UT and the system is extremely attractive to WR's. I mean, how gorgeous were those tosses all year to Jalin and to Bru? How incredible were those Milton to Squirrel plays? If a 5* WR has the goal of "showing off," ending up in highlight compilations, and attracting agents to help them get into the NFL, where else you gonna go?

  27. Wait big 10 invite and big 12 championship? What conference is our rowing team in?

  28. There aren't enough SEC teams with a crew, so we're actually part of the Big 12. Big 10 kindly invites us to add more competition and to give our ladies rowing experience. We invite non-conference teams to Oak Ridge, too. It's all we can do but combine with the small number of schools with crews.

  29. Looking good in both pics, but the second pic, you look...

  30. I've never been to my first Lady Vols game in February! I've seen the men's team, so I'm excited to see how our Lady Vols do in person.

  31. Yassin’s has fantastic toum. They sell it in larger containers as well. It’s addictive

  32. AH, this is what I need. I will be heading over there today!

  33. I don't think it's technically toum, but it is good. It's like a toum/labneh mix.

  34. As long as it "technically" satisfies my craving, I'm good ha ha.

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