1. I am confused as to who should be seen as THE idiot with a gun. If it is a legal open carry state then cops shouldn’t be any more on edge about someone walking in to their place of work with a rifle than a waiter would be when someone walks in a restaurant doing the same. I will fully admit I do not know gun laws. But if open carry means you can carry openly in a public place and a police station is designated a public place then you should be able to open carry. Is this not the case?

  2. THIS is no little mod. This is straight up fucking epic! It’s a superb addition to a stunning car.

  3. The average consumer much prefers an expensive but comfortable 7 hour flight than an unaffordable, loud, and uncomfortable 3 hour flight.

  4. New tech is typically unwieldy and expensive initially but price comes down and refinement goes up with each iteration. Eg. Mobile phones or TVs.

  5. I mean in a crash. Visually they completely ruin the aesthetic for me.

  6. Yep, agreed. When I get my 987 it’s one of the first mods I’ll be doing. The metal extensions under the bumper cover can be removed. Then you need a aftermarket or euro bumper cover. No one but you or another enthusiast will notice. In my opinion they aren’t going to save your car in a heavy rear end collision.

  7. Please do tell how DPFs "create huge environmental damage."

  8. No. You don't get it. Nobody cares that it costs you more to maintain your diesel engines. Least of all me, someone who owns a Diesel and will at some point need to have the DPF on my truck cleaned/replaced.

  9. That’s fair comment. It is absolutely agonizing …it’s like the BDSM of comedy and it’s not for everyone.

  10. I don't think sitcoms are the best way to determine sense of humor. I'm American and I think the vast majority of sitcoms have pretty garbage worrying and are some of the least funny shows out there. We have plenty of things with dry humor, they're usually marketed differently than sitcoms though. A lot of the dry stuff is either marked as dark comedy or is marked as multiple genres with comedy just being mixed in. Examples of more deadpan shows would be Barry, Bojack Horseman, Nathan For You, Atlanta, Fargo, The Boys, lol even The Sopranos.

  11. The American Office is case in point. It’s wank. I’m sorry, I tried really hard to like it but fuck me it’s just not funny. It’s bordering on slapstick and you guys think it’s the epitome of deadpan humour.

  12. There are no heavy people in those pictures either. At least half the people I saw yesterday at the mall were big.

  13. ill find out just out of curiosity, all I know its a v10 R8. He said it drives like a boat compared to the cayman, and not impressed by the hp feel.

  14. The cayman is about as nimble as it gets so I suppose that’s fair comment. It strangely doesn’t feel big to me, one of the things that surprised me actually, just like an A4 rather than a super car.

  15. Thats a hard one, ive had the vettes, gt500,etc.. You just dont get that exotic feel, and nobody gives them a second glance. Personally Id go up a notch with a porsche, or possibly a Jag. You know how it goes, how bigs your pocketbook

  16. Funny you said Jag of all things, I love the look of the F-Type.

  17. That definitely wasn’t a cigarette though, she was havin’ a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

  18. Aside from the gendering, it also bothers me that they're not even the same theme. "boss" and "queen"? Why not "king" and "queen"? My dog is certainly not the boss, but he's definitely a handsome king

  19. Cosmopolitan is basically propagating that old misogynist joke:

  20. This model of R8 (second gen) shares the engine and drivetrain of the Huracan not the Gallardo. The Gallardo shares an engine with the first gen Audi R8 V10 Plus model only.

  21. Maybe people who visit food banks can’t afford to go to the pub.

  22. Or perhaps some visit the food banks and then go to the pub.

  23. Three cups of milk, a quart of eggs, a bushel of salt and a MAGA of spite. Broil until burnt or at 167° f smother in canned cheese and inject straight in to your arteries. Can be served with fries or grits. Pairs well with Mountain Dew.

  24. Any humour on Reddit sadly could end up here more often than not.

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