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  1. These are the best. Please tell me that your partners all get to hear how incredible you think they are, too!

  2. Nah. So long as you're using it in a non-hurtful context, you'll be fine.

  3. Wait for them to ask-don't bring it up yourself, they probably won't even notice.

  4. question: how does one pronounce "Blåhaj?" I don't speak swedish.

  5. I’m starting this comment without any ideas, so it’s probably going to get a bit rambly. Here goes…

  6. I just leaned in and asserted dwarves only have one sex because they reproduce through magic.

  7. Always fine when someone is confused by what you mean, sometimes fine when they're correcting it despite everyone understanding anyway

  8. Much of history was decided by the world map, as is detailed in

  9. "Corporations using their economic power to force their political agendas"? "Customer is king, not corporations are king"?

  10. There was a Doctor Who episode where a distant-future flight attendant says "Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon", which could fill a similar niche. Bit of a mouthful though.

  11. Jim was the one who got the Blue Cross deal in the first place, which Oscar confirms is their biggest client.

  12. No preference. Large, small, big butt, small butt, big boobs, small boobs, no boobs, I don't care.

  13. I think pepper spray is objectively best-the main downside of pepper spray is that, if you use it outside, the wind could blow it into your own face. In your own home, you wouldn't have that problem. Meanwhile, pepper spray is very effective on multiple targets-with one spray you can fully incapacitate one attacker and leave the others with mild/moderate pain and impaired vision. In a home invasion, a lack of vision is going to be a massive advantage since you know your own house better than they do (which is why they advise you NOT to turn on the lights during an invasion). In addition, pepper spray has an almost-nonexistent chance of damaging your own property, and can be completely recovered from if you or your loved ones are also harmed by your spray or if the spray is used against you by your attackers.

  14. Capitalism is like dogs-they can do good and a lot of people like them, but you gotta put them on a leash or else they'll bite someone.

  15. I support social democracies, a capitalist system with strong labour laws and welfare protecting workers and people in need from being at the mercy of greedy employers. We have a system like that here in Germany.

  16. Capitalism is like dogs-they can do good and a lot of people like them, but you gotta put them on a leash or else they'll bite someone.

  17. At least in the United States, our leaders are elected in what is essentially a popularity contest-very low bar for entry. Max Charisma, and you can rule the world.

  18. that really depends on the definition of addiction.

  19. Well, neither of us are doctors (I presume) so I guess it's a moot point anyway

  20. i got a bachelors degree in psychology and i am a nurse. i've worked in closed psychiatric stations for addiction and i intend to specialize in that field (as a nurse)

  21. Alright, I'm big enough to concede to someone smarter than me.

  22. I stand still, but mostly because everyone else does and if even one person stands still then no one can walk

  23. i LOVE weird medical history specifically. especially old, shitty patent medicines. hadacol is my favorite i’ve read about — created by the state senator of louisiana Dudley J LeBlanc in 1943. it was just a b-vitamin elixir and 12% alcohol.

  24. I mean none of it is technically lying lol. Just because they're teaching school doesn't mean they're any good at it

  25. you do make an excellent point

  26. But yeah I guess this proves that all those "alternative medicines" (i.e. alternatives to medicine) and crystals and all that shit aren't anything new. The only difference is that the internet makes it easier to find them and things that claim they work.

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