1. 1400s, 50%-90%, depending on opponent skill level

  2. I read this as “Cheese Club” …. Got real excited !! Have a great time !!

  3. Damien Harris. I thought he’d be the alpha dog in the Stevenson tandem. Nope!

  4. Look up “sheet mulching”. It’s super cheap and easy. Basically you cover the grass with cardboard boxes and then cover the cardboard with 6 inches of wood chips. You can get free boxes from the back of retailers and you can get free wood chips delivered to your drive from your local wood chipper.

  5. Came to say this. Did this twice, looks nice - no need to mow, rake, water or anything else. Whoever downvoted you originally must’ve reacted to the cardboard box part? - but it helps to snuff out weeds and degrades before you know it.

  6. You can combine this with the local rebates from your water company - I made $1200 sheet mulching my lawn and it took maybe 10 hours all in.

  7. Yep! And, we learned from a local chipper that there are varying quality of mulch, and it’s luck of the draw to get the premium loads. Furthermore, if you’re nice to the delivery guy (offering bottled water helps), we found they were super accommodating with how and where they dropped load

  8. I dunno, recently watched a movie with the kids on Nickelodeon for 1st time in years. The blatant marketing to kids and with probably 2x the normal amount of commercials was wild. I’d prefer a bunch of pharma commercials tbh.

  9. There’s plenty of other options, but Chelan apples is one I’ve ordered from. Apples are picture perfect, and delicious. It is pricey, but you get (or give) what you pay for.

  10. Every song is amazing, but I’ll throw some underrepresented love to Pigs in Zen!!!

  11. Weird Science felt a little risqué at the time

  12. Took a tour there once! It was only $5, and a wonderful experience!

  13. No murder burger? Is that still in Davis? That was the go to on the way to Tahoe.

  14. Murder burger, which became Red Rum burger, went waaaaaaay downhill over the years

  15. War on Drugs. No matter if I’m talkin to someone in their 20s or 60s+

  16. You remember when you used to have to put the TV on channel 3 to play video games

  17. I didn’t know whether to try and keep her from falling, or zip up!

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