1. Isn’t this part of the plot of “The Day After Tomorrow” which was meant to emphasize how batshit crazy the climate would need to be for this to occur?

  2. Not a woman but it happens to me frequently that the women in my office gaze at my junk. I wear normal pants to the office, but still, I catch them looking frequently.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I will look more into this. I like the idea of that God or something like God is inside all of us. But I don't know what it is called, is it gnosticism? Wait there is a gospel of both Thomas and Mary Magdalene? Why isn't that in the Bible?

  4. Those gospels where discovered later and don’t fit in with the narrative of the Catholic Church which sells salvation from eternal damnation so long as you obey and pay into the church. The Gospel of Thomas and of Mary Magdalene offer a more present view of eternity and heaven as being present in every lived moment. There are plenty of books that were either removed or not included in the Bible because they don’t fit in nicely with how the Roman Empire sought to craft the religion into a system of power. If Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after he was resurrected, you’d think she would have been made the first pope. Instead she is portrayed as a prostitute in the Bible. Why? I’m guessing the Roman’s didn’t see women as fitting into the system of power they were creating.

  5. I think psilocybin affects the part of your brain that senses whether you are cold or hot. If it’s even slightly cool outside you will feel cold. I’ve warn heavy sweatshirts in summer to keep warm during trips. That’s why I prefer to trip in summer. It can be 95 Fahrenheit and I’ll feel quite comfortable. But it it’s like 55 Fahrenheit I will feel like I’ve been swimming in the arctic.

  6. No. Where did you get this from, just made it up and thought it sounded right so then set it to broadcast? Psilocybin is a vasoconstrictor. Meaning blood flow is slowed throughout the body. Affects blood pressure levels.

  7. Ok. I had heard something different. Thanks for the correction and being patient with everyone here.

  8. Man these posts need to be banned. I get people are trying to learn but buying shrooms then asking how much I should is not the best way to go about things. As everyone else is going to say buy some scales.

  9. Yeah but these are obviously really ignorant. You gotta start somewhere. A little compassion goes a long way.

  10. Sounds like they will try anything to assassinate Putin.

  11. Ok, take a 5 second inhale. Hold it for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat until you feel yourself settling down. Accept anything and everything. Be curious. What do the unpleasant things have to teach you? Give yourself to them and the experience. Do not resist, but rather accept all of it with open arms and curiosity. You are safe and no harm can come to you from mushrooms. Try to change the music, or where you physically are. Maybe step outside for a few minutes. Consider a guided meditation by Davidji on Spotify or some other app. You have everything you need to be ok, just breathe. Maybe try a piece of fruit and notice how it tastes. How does it feel in your mouth? How does it feel when you swallow it?

  12. Yes this is what Midwest grow kits does with their kits (google them)

  13. You can also feed it into a jar of water with volcanic rocks to keep it from getting contaminated and then feed a tub from the jar to your tub, thereby adding FAE and humidity.

  14. This is what happens when you strip out sex ed from schools and make it illegal to talk to kids about their bodies. These two imbeciles are shining examples of what conservative states are creating.

  15. “I’m going to fill your hoohah with goof juice.” Paton Oswalt

  16. Holy shit. You should definitely tell your doctor about this and contact anyone doing research on your condition.

  17. You took 9 grams of PE and still aren’t feeling right? Who could have seen that coming?

  18. I thought I might someday need viagra to get an erection. Turns out this news works similarly well.

  19. I'm bi-polar with intense suicide ideation. When I'm low I want to die because the pain and my outlook are so bleak. When I'm manic I want to die because I know it'll be awesome. Don't worry I'm being treated.

  20. If your treatment isn’t successful, consider signing up for a psilocybin trial through Johns Hopkins or a local university. It’s being shown to be curative for a lot of patients with therapy resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD and the like (with just one dose).

  21. I get that, but the treatments include supervised therapists to help you integrate.

  22. it is good to have a healthy ego and self might be the true goal of life, be cautious of unearned wisdom.

  23. Your ego is the psychological construct who’s primary function is to keep you safe. As such, it creates stories and assumptions based on past experience and is largely responsible for most of your self talk (including all of the unhelpful self talk). Your ego houses all of your vanity and will put the qualities of your shadow on other people to further keep you feeling good about yourself, thereby robbing you of the ability to know your whole self. I don’t know that a well developed ego should be a goal in life. It’s one of the earliest psychological constructs in adult development. I would argue that the ability to challenge your ego and it’s many stories and assumptions should be a goal for anyone. For those fortunate enough to develop into self authoring and self transforming mindsets before they die (the last two stages of adult development), their sense of self will be more defined by their chosen values than by what they believe others to see them as. In practice, this requires the ability to shift your self talk from subject to object, meaning that you can notice and engage with your self talk rather than being a victim of it. You might notice that psilocybin does a great job of muting that part of you that has unhelpful chatter to offer. I think taking breaks from your ego can actually be quite therapeutic. At the very least, the research coming out of Johns Hopkins and other universities around the world is showing that psilocybin is so powerful that it enables people with serious psychological ailments to reboot and create new stories that actually serve them.

  24. This is great. Thank you. I struggle with harsh self-talk and very bad theory of mind where I assume people are judging me etc. the good thing is that I challenge it and am aware of those thoughts. I can’t wait for the day when those patterns of thought disappear. Do you have any tips on how to accelerate this process? Thanks

  25. They won’t disappear. But you can get to the point where you can challenge them as they occur and make a decision using your higher thinking self. As you challenge them and try new behaviors that are outside of your default or comfort zone you will create new stories that will inform your ego. If you can afford it, your best bet would be to work with an ICF credentialed coach. But that can be expensive. Otherwise, maybe read Jennifer Garvey Berger’s book “Changing on the Job” which is about navigating the stages of adult development. Also her most recent book called something like “Unleashing Your Complexity Genius” is a nice primer for self management. In general terms, the more time you spend noticing your somatic, emotional and meaning making parts of yourself, the better. So meditation, yoga, journaling, and generally practicing mindfulness will all accelerate the process. Happy to gab more about this stuff if you want to DM me.

  26. I aspire to have this woman’s tenacity in anything I do in in life.

  27. What countries are lining up to take MAGA morons other than say, Russia? Oh wait, I think I see how this works.

  28. Listen to a guided meditation by Davidji on Insight Timer app. Thank me in a week when you are consistently getting the best sleep of your life.

  29. Looks like you use 1 part honey to ten parts mushrooms.

  30. Apparently my sense of humour hasn't changed a bit since I was 10. Crotch shots are still hilarious

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