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  1. If you can make a video of getting over 22k on the club in disciple, I will be most impressed. Everyone seems to think you have to do it in master. So do share your progress. Great vids btw.

  2. Ah. Well, sounds like she had some money before she died.

  3. Here I am recommending mushrooms twice in one day on the same sub. I would procure enough magic mushrooms for the whole family to have a solid amount each (like 3 or 4 grams). Have everyone eat their mushrooms after explaining what is likely to happen and how they can help. Following their trips, there is a solid chance one or all of them will be cured of their respective addictions. Make sure you check in to make sure they are on board. Eating mushrooms and not knowing it would be do disastrous.

  4. Tempura makes anything amazing. You could tempura a sock and that shit would be tasty as fuck.

  5. Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown. It’s made me a way better coach, person, husband, father, colleague and friend. That and executive coaching is very lucrative. Best investment I’ve made so far.

  6. Look into magic mushrooms to treat your depression and anxiety, then pick a career that is meaningful to you. Consider working with a career coach after integrating the magic mushroom experience. I’m dead serious btw.

  7. That is a good idea but do some research. Know what to do in case of a bad trip, potentially have a trusted person with you, and do not do it in a bad environment. Be careful!

  8. Indeed. My comment was to get OP started. And yes absolutely, trip responsibly, or even in a clinical setting if possible.

  9. I for one think Marjorie Taylor Green could benefit from some emasculation. Might have saved her marriage even. In fact, we should start a kickstarter to get her an electric car.

  10. If you look at it through the lens of the original Eucharist or Greek kykeon, both of which were spiked with psychedelics, then these wines absolutely delivered a kind of truth. These concoctions were so problematic for the Roman Catholic Church that the Inquisition spent much of its time and energy hunting down anyone with knowledge of how to craft these drinks. I recognize that you are only really speaking about alcohol, but there is a deeper history of wine as a vessel for immortality and truth than just being something to get drunk with.

  11. The ancient Greeks (and likely well before them) used ergot inoculated barley to create a similar compound to LSD, and put it in wine. This was given to high society members that would travel to Eleusis (4 hr walk from Athens) to experience ego death and effectively meet God and the infinite other side of waking life. This was the gnostic and democratized religion that inspired Christianity. The paleo-Christian’s adopted this drink in order to appeal to pagans and get traction. The gospel of John is effectively a pitch to pagans that we’re already intimately familiar with the traditions of Eleusis. If you want to learn more, read The Immortality Key. It’s an exceptionally well researched book on the topic. The christianity of today offers a placebo Eucharist and has stripped out what was originally a way for anyone to experience death and the infinite before actually dying and consequently losing their fear of death. There was tremendous truth in a single cup. The religion of today is a farce by comparison.

  12. This explains why there’s a cocoa shortage and I can’t find dark chocolate above 75% anywhere.

  13. The gist of it as other people have said, is that we either worry unnecessarily, or we’re all dead within a year of the first strike. Worrying about it is like worrying about death. Also, if you find yourself worrying about death, consider a relatively high dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Most people lose their fear of death altogether after a good sized dose. If you are fortunate (like me), a smaller dose will be enough to give you the experience you need to no longer fear death.

  14. You’re likely a prime candidate for Johns Hopkins psilocybin clinical research. Their subjects almost all report totally losing their fear of death after one dose. I’ve personally experienced ego death and no longer fear death. I’d see if they have room for you. If not, there are clinics in other countries, and even resorts that provide the same service. One is Imiloa in Costa Rica. I imagine if I were dying, this would be a priority for me.

  15. I think that the work of Hopkins, Compass and other research orgs needs to be completed before there can be a lobbying push for legalization. It needs to be done properly. Otherwise, if the narrative is anything less than “the science has demonstrably shown this to be safe and effective at treating all kinds of psychological issues”, it opens itself up to attack. It needs to be completely unassailable. Let the research orgs do their thing. There are large forces at work to legalize psilocybin. Be patient, legalization is coming.

  16. Probably, but I’d be dead so it wouldn’t really matter.

  17. If this is a setup to nuke Ukraine, Russia will lose all of its support from China and India.

  18. So, less income for Russia and Europe speeds up their independence from Russia energy? I’m ok with this.

  19. I’d say yes, particularly to understand how religion evolved since the ancient Greeks. Consider reading “The Immortality Key” before reading the Bible. Also read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as that was in the Bible and got cut out. The Bible as it is now was modified by Roman Christians to suit the patriarchal and hierarchical systems in Rome. But when it was written, particularly the Gospel of John, it was meant to entice Greek pagans, and so Jesus is portrayed as a spitting image of Dionysus, having many of the same qualities. Also of note, the original Bible ended with Mary Magdalene discovering that Jesus was reincarnated. Had it been left there, women would undoubtedly have a much more prominent role in catholicism. Evidently this is not the case, as later on, a bit about Peter becoming the first pope is added, thereby ceiling the deal for Catholicism to become a system of power that to this day excludes women from serving as priestesses, as they did in the religion of Eleusis in Greece. So yeah, read it, if only to understand that it’s a rip off of earlier stories, and that Jesus, like many people at the time had found eternity and immorality in psychedelic infused wine or perhaps amanita muscaria and meant for his followers to do the same. Him being described as the son of god was really only added to make christianity more palatable for pagans at the time.

  20. Start with a small amount of garden variety cubes like 1g. If you have something strong like penis envy or one of its variants, then .5g. Read about lemon tek. Create a playlist of your favorite mellow music and make sure you are in a good place psychologically and make sure that you are in a place where you feel perfectly safe and won’t need to engage with sober people. Plan on 6-7 hours of being in an altered state. Also, do your best to be fasted for at least 6 hours (ideally 12) before taking the mushrooms. Have someone there with you that is either experienced with shrooms or sober that can talk you down in the event that things get too intense. But at 1g, it should just be delightful. Avoid sugary foods that day as sugar is said to nerf the effect of psilocybin. Similarly, if it does get too crazy, drink a Sprite.

  21. I appreciate the advice, I have a close friend that a trust dearly who has tripped multiple times before to guide me on the trip I've made sure m apartment is clean and safe for me , one concern I do have is my cat,.she isn't aggressive or mean but is it good or bad to have your pets around during your trip, I have a series of mellow music and videos to watch during said trip as well

  22. Your cat will make an excellent companion. Somehow pets just kinda know to be chill. Also, avoid mirrors. For some people seeing themselves in a mirror can be unpleasant.

  23. Grow them yourself. Buying them online is likely to get you a) nothing b) a narc c) shrooms tainted with some drug you have no business with.

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