1. Unless Google is firing upper management, that's not going to change.

  2. Upper management is being laid off.


  4. Are these 2000 RC skins?

  5. I love the "possibly even had sex with". Like it's some great big mystery and there's just no way he can find out.

  6. Really depends on the couple. I'd argue that changing your behavior to cover your partners weak areas is pretty normal and healthy but many people hate the very idea of bending over for one another because it is often skewed as controlling or unacceptable weakness.

  7. Spec generates meter slower than swift

  8. if you think you can generate more meter with spec than swift you are just playing bard wrong…

  9. if you think you can generate more meter with swift than spec you are just playing bard wrong…

  10. Would you go full spec for additional 8-9% serenade if you were me? I am having mana issues again even with max mp. So I have been considering other options.

  11. I don't think shards are meant to be bought unless you want to push a new character super fast. That's how they cash in on class releases.

  12. BC at 2500 means large shard packs are 375g from Mari's. Yikes. Anyone buying at 700g either is insane or needs much more than Mari's can offer, which is quite a bit already.

  13. If you can’t skip M4 you probably shouldn’t be selling the clown bus to begin with.

  14. Nothing wrong with semi-afk carry if the carried person agrees.

  15. If you can reliably complete g3 with a 3-man carry, your bus quality is just fine, skipping Marios or not, but you're free to have your own standard.

  16. They did, there are threads about it.

  17. Haha woop, old habit I guess. Servers are in Oregon or whatever aren't they.

  18. Ah, yes, that old habit of forgetting that 22/23 NA territories are sovereign and in fact not part of the US. Haha, silly you, whoopsie.

  19. Haha, old habit of mine to make fun of americans. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, there's no need to take it so personally. Have fun in LOA!

  20. I think your forgetting that running brel will make it easier for him to gain ilvl+easier to hone the item. Pushing your main is the best thing you can do, it's your main after all.

  21. Why do you make it sounds like pushing alt is easy like its free ? My main is 1523, 2 bard at 1475 for kakul, 1 striker 1480, and pally 1445 (artist soon at 1475) we do know how alt works and how they generate gold, why do you make it sound like it won't cost gold? While you should be pushing your main the way how alt works if to raise the ilvl of your main. After your reach a certain ilvl of your main that's when you push your alts, right now his main is 1490 that's kinda low to park as a main, you see other players alts at 1490-1500. Would be better for him to do brel 1-4 vs brel 1-2 and focus on alts.

  22. Technically there is a gain if you hone weapon.

  23. Technically there's a gain if you hone anything, but the impact on your damage buffs is almost non-existant.

  24. If you don't want to do Akkan hard yea bc the current max gear score is 1590 and Akkan hard is 1600 so yes there IS a benefit to supports if they want to do Akkan hard.

  25. They said from 20 to 25, not 20 to 21. The impact on support gameplay is almost non-existant.

  26. There's an unwritten rule - Tuesday night parties must disband until you get full mokokos.

  27. Use frigging numbers. Leave the NESW behind ffs

  28. NESW and top/bottom/left/right are absolutely fine in this case. There's no difference between that and using a clock since you only ever call the four cardinal directions.

  29. It's a good system but I've had 0 luck trying to get some of my pugs to pick a corner. I've just been praying people know what to do and that we can get all 8 out of shandi.

  30. There's always one Reaper that goes "don't worry, bro, I can cover the entire half". I just call out my corner and tell everyone to f* off my blocks and let them figure their part out themselves.

  31. With the vast amount of fusion materials sitting on the market. I doubt that they sell. I crafted 300 a few days ago, put them on the market for 3 days and they have not sold. I've relisted twice. Yes it is profitable, but may not sell

  32. List on Monday for 3 days to sell on reset day and Thursday.

  33. Have you tried doing the math?

  34. The problem with your take is the person who sold it still doesn't understand how low he sold it for, so you aren't teaching him a lesson or relieving him of his ignorance, so what exactly is your point?

  35. Complains that other people talk shit then spews something even shittier 😂

  36. Man your definition of complaining is interesting. Millennial?

  37. 1500 support main, never once have I ever even been slightly worried about getting in a group. The down side is no big numbers to look at.

  38. On the other hand, the WOAH I JUST HIT 200K ON DOOMSDAY comments from your party mates are great.

  39. Not sure it helps, but I installed a VPN extension which only affects my browser traffic.

  40. Did you watch the video?

  41. Wow, an event they're not advertising with a badly made jpeg in Paint.

  42. Addressing 1: Hence why I mentioned you don't want it for every fight. There are plenty of bosses where blocking hard CC is basically useless.

  43. You shouldn't need status immune for G1 if people know what they're doing--the laser and birds are very easy to not get hit by if people aren't running around like chickens with their heads cut off when he disappears, and at this point dps players should just be better than that. G3 it can still be a run saver since you have more limited options if one of those patterns overlaps a mario entrance.

  44. Tbh just don't play brel / cali with them if they don't do other raids with you or help you.

  45. Im confused. do you recommend to buy them from maris or from the market now?

  46. Market is cheaper looking at the average, but people that bought pouches when prices were at 600g would have paid less buying from Mari's. I just recommend knowing the current prices for Mari's pouches so you don't pay more than you have to.

  47. They go up and down with crystal price. Mari has been cheaper on EUC for at least a week

  48. Not sure if you mean shard prices are directly related to BC price. If so, not really. BC has been the same price in SA since shard pouches were 450g. The price hike started when dps got enough horns to craft their Brel weapon.

  49. Every 6-character roster should have at least 2 Supports, I have 4. If your purpose with alts is make gold fast as possible and not too much invest in a character then Sups is the best choice yet people refuse to create sup alts.

  50. It's a vendor (huge frog) with whom you could exchange gold for random legendary books. They were all random, and you could get some crazy value out of it. Legendary book prices dropped because people had lots and lots of legendary books suddenly, so it made it easier to complete builds. Now it's gone and people are waiting for it to come back :')

  51. I asked which books they wanted to buy. Frog barely made a dent on Grudge, a few books spiked in price after the balance patch, Reaper and Summoner books will go down eventually. Would be nice to know what OP wants.

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