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  1. Everyone on that train and platform: Ugh, not again. I'm going to be fucking late now.

  2. Just like in the movies. Art really does imitate life.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. But it sounds like you are not ready for an EV. My EV works perfectly for my lifestyle. I assume others will find it works for them too.

  4. Just left a mall that had a Lucid showroom. Partner tapped me and asked what they were, I responded "too expensive for us" and kept walking.

  5. That hair tossle attempt was blocked by his hat, guy just shook the kids whole head instead.

  6. I want to see the washing machine they clean those curtains in.

  7. An EX60 is a given, the XC60 is their second-best seller behind the XC40 / C40.

  8. Bummer. I was really hoping for a EV60 model. I don't want them to drop the V60 line from the U.S.

  9. Man, seeing these amazing tips in the comments makes me really jealous I didn't have the internet when I was turning 18, nor did I have the idea to ask such a question. Bravo to the OP.

  10. Why did she keep her mouth shut when giant SUVs were allowed to crash into efficient lightweight compacts? Freaking ridiculous

  11. It seems tho that only a Dem issued subpeona has no authority. With the current Supreme Court, ignoring a republican subpoenas will be a hanging offense.

  12. Oh, they went with hanging, huh? I assumed they would have chosen death by firing squad.

  13. This reddit has to be the most unlucky people on the planet, had mine since launch, dropped a handful of times, and I do t really treat it any different than any phone I've ever had, maybe I got the one flip 4 that was made right, who knows

  14. How do you know which one you’re even looking at here? Couldn’t it be either?

  15. It’s designed that way for a reason. Likely driven by the rate at which you’re decelerating via one pedal drive. If the software determines you’re slowing at a rate that the drivers behind you should visibly be notified (I.e. the brake lights), then thar she glows. Dealership won’t be able to change it.

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