Ukraine applies for fast-track NATO accession

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  1. FIFA's actions are those of very rich men who care more about money and power than fans and players

  2. I'm surprised that a plane from the 1950's would still be considered tactically useful.

  3. It definitely won't be getting moved there but I find it funny that so many Californians that haven't been east of Las Vegas in a decade think that everything out of California is literally a cultural wasteland with nothing but bad weather, chain restaurants, and only white people.

  4. Wow thats a low bar of what "multi culturalism" is.

  5. 300w solar panels, batteries, and small heaters

  6. Question for those rooting for Ukraine to get accepted to NATO: what situation do you think would realistically play out if that happens? Because realistically article 5 would be initiated, thus bringing all of Europe and the U.S. into the war. This will no longer be contained to Ukraine, this would be a full-on global and more than likely nuclear war. Would China just stand by as their ally is being attacked by the entire world? Will this just cause Putin to give in and say “well that’s done” and just leave (99.99% doubtful)? In what scenario does this end good? I get it, the chest beating and the claiming you are on the right side of history, but deep down, war is fucking horrible and the only objectives are to take territory and obliterate your opponent. I hate being a pessimist, but seriously, why cheer on mutual destruction and world war?

  7. Yes Putin would have to capitulate. He's obviously gotten by based on Bluff. Time to call it in, neutralize Russia and get a democracy in there that can act to contain China. Toppling Russia is a huge hedge against China.

  8. If it works literally perfectly, sure. But you do realize he has the nuclear football right? And you do realize that he will not go down without a fight if someone does attempt to topple him, right? As I said, what is the end game? It’s the fantasy that he just capitulates, but that is just not the reality. And that is also not the Russian reality. He is not Gorbachev, his image isn’t openness. It’s being a “badass” and strengthening Russia. It’s somewhat under control because it’s not too chaotic in Russia, yet. But if the fight is brought to his doorstep, you bet your ass it will be scorched Earth.

  9. He's one man. Others who have a lot to lose won't let that happen. Keeping him around is not an option.

  10. Why do we think they did it? Like what do they gain from attacking their own pipes?

  11. It's a divide and conquer strategy to break Europe's resolve if they can make Europe think the Americans did it. Americans have zero to gain from it so its a pretty dumb move. He's desperate.

  12. They make this same announcement every few years

  13. im just arriving here after about 3 years in vegas, and man.... im really struggling with the cold lol. It's hard for me to accept the reality that there wont be a single night per year i can sit on the patio at night time with a warm breeze lol. Really hope i get used to it.

  14. At night check out places in South Bay or head into Danville, Lafayette, walnut Creek, sonoma, pleasanton, etc.for a patio dinner. Inland is warm at night but brutal during the day.

  15. I’m confused what you consider a lot. Software Engineers(SWE) start at 192k a year, that’s extremely good. So I guess I’m missing something? Maybe I’m just focusing on my field itself and other fields dont get compensated enough?

  16. It's not a lot when rent is $5k or mortgage+tax is $10k.

  17. Pixel watch isn't coming. Every year folks look and hope for it and every year it's not announced. I'm sorry but it's just not happening. There's no need 5o keep looking to it as a false light or goal

  18. Sounds like it is coming along with a new Fitbit watch S well. Looking forward to it.

  19. I can't even say I'm looking forward to it. I'm fine with my watch 4 and eventually watch 5, I like the Samsung stuff. I have a Fitbit sense but I barely use it now cuz of the watch 4 and Fitbit locking so much behind a pay wall.

  20. It's not about what you like. Google and Fitbit coming out with their own watches means they'll bring along more developers and more developer tools resulting in more app support for the entire ecosystem.

  21. Check you battery usage to see what's using it.

  22. Pittsburgh is an amazing city. Topography is very much like a European city. Great walkable city and a fabulous mix of sports, art, and culture.

  23. Have never had an issue with Tmobile. It's the only site imo that's not bloated.

  24. Exact same experience here including dealing with issues with their IMEI database. Ended up having to file a complaint with the FCC. Instead of truly fixing the issue, they've hardcoded my IMEI into their database. Anyone else with the same issue is stuck with dealing with their ill equipped support and/or sales teams.

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