1. That is the Samsung Keyboard Cover at a sale price. It works well but is not ideal for use on a lap.

  2. Pittsburg is pretty adorable and on the water.

  3. And his followers want the same. Many are low educated, misinformed people who themselves have the same disdain for people and who wouldn't bat an eye at dictatorship like treatment of the population they dislike. His supporters are like him.

  4. Download Good Lock and customize all you want.

  5. Truckee is where the young life will be. It's a town of 17k. Drive to Sacramento is 1.5 hours without traffick. SAC is super fun, lots of patios, diverse, tons of young people. Go for a year and enjoy the life experience. You can also fly out of Reno and get to anywhere.

  6. That’s helpful. Trucker is only 25 min from where I’d be working so that’s perfect

  7. Summer lots of hiking, mountain biking, water sports, disc golf, golf. Tahoe City is super pretty. South Tahoe is more touristy but more people around.

  8. Cancelled my renewal. No way am I paying an extra $50 to get 4K while seeing good content get swapped out with reality TV garbage.

  9. You all do realize once the current legacy plan renews it is an extra $50 for 4K?

  10. I personally think it's a terrible decision. HBO has been the gold standard for top-tier prestige television for decades. They practically invented modern prestige television with shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Rome, etc., and continue to hold the crown 20+ years later.

  11. Thanks for that source. Went back a bit to get more insight. Discovery for me doesn't fit anywhere except that David was the CEO of Discovery. They should have sold off that to Bravo or some other reality streamer. HBO Max should then have been: HBO, Warner Brothers, and Warner Brother Sports. This would put them squarely inline to compete with Disney Plus.

  12. Bart is a mismanaged organization. First the police budget for what you get is out of control. Fire the entire force and outsource the security.

  13. Personally think this is an atrocious business decision. AT&T isn't the most astute company. Why kill off one of the most recognizable entertainment brands for a generic nothing brand that you can't even trademark?

  14. It's a general message not specific to that road. 🙄

  15. Worst one the worst NYTimes article. Clearly someone in her PR network pulled strings to try and turn her into a sob story we should all feel sorry for. She's a criminal.

  16. I'd say not so much in San Mateo but haven't spent much time there since covid and switching jobs. Imminent Calteain Electrification this year or next.

  17. Muir Beach hike then dinner at Pelican Inn fireplace. Take ferry to Tiburon and eat at Sam's Anchor Cafe patio. Beer at Faction Brewing in Alameda. Japanese cedar bath at Osmosis followed by afternoon at Timber Cove. Hogs Island in Marshall. Alpine Inn in Portola Valley. Methusala tree. Yoda fountain. Watershed in Mill Valley. Spa at Cavallo point lodge plus dinner looking back at SF and Golden Gate.

  18. Hike in Big Basin Redwoods. McEvoy Ranch olive oil tasting.

  19. Not worth the upgrade from an s22 ultra. Unless you're into gaming or need even more low light capability, they are vanity specs. No real camer innovation like true aperture control or better glass or true zoom ranges.

  20. Hire European companies to do the work. North Americans I swear do things the hardest most expensive way.

  21. What are your settings? Natural or bright tone? Blur or studio lighting? File type being saved?

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