1. Wow. I can’t handle the coincidence of this.

  2. It was really weird all the shots of the exterior of the house - like it is some kind of Fort Knox…

  3. I kept pausing a still of the house lit up looking for clues. The whole bottom floor appears to be packing boxes.

  4. It seems like Robyn was in the hospital for a few hours, and then they sent her home with a “yup it’s Covid”. Played up for a storyline? Maybe a bit. I’m sure it still sucked for them but the drama was certainly over the top.

  5. I feel bad for their doctor. Probably thinks they are a bunch of cuckoo birds.

  6. That’s the truth…you know the LPN, RN or MA is having to handle all those neurotic calls/messages first.

  7. That's bananas. You could buy my whole town and the one traffic light for that and still have some cash to spend our only store the Dollar General.

  8. Do you live in NC? 🤣 when my village got a Dollar General……we felt like royalty.

  9. The only show that I ever thought was more realistic, was My Five Wives. And, that guy does appear to try to be a good dad to all of them, and he seems to at least try to be a fair and equitable husband. As far as I know, they haven't filmed anymore of that show, though, for a long time. Does anybody know whatever happened with them and their family? Why did they stop filming?

  10. According the Brady, the dad, he said the network cancelled their show because apparently they were too functional, not enough drama LOL…in a nutshell he was throwing shade at the Browns.

  11. autism or adhd isnt caused by tyllenol anyway. its genetic. do your research

  12. Autism and adhd are very complex and the causes are not well understood. Research suggests that there can be a genetic component, but also an environmental exposure component.

  13. He's got a friend that is an attempted murderer. A polygamist who he testified on his behalf at the attempted murder trial. He even introduced him on the show as a friend from church who used to live polygamy but isn't in a polygamous marriage right now bc his 1st wife left. Umm. Ok. The truth was he beat those women severely and routinely. His 1st tried to leave. He beat her within an inch of her life. Crushed her larynx. She couldn't speak for over a week. Or eat. She's lucky to be alive. Idk how she made it out. But then kody testified at the trial about how this pos was a good person. Blah blah blah. The fact that he could still see this bastard as a good person and defend him is utterly disgusting. I think kody is much worse than what people think, esp comparing him to jeffs, but even not being like that, I think he's ruined lives. I think he's damaged a lot of people and I think he'd marry one of Robyn's oldest daughters of they hadn't been adopted. I think he's absolutely revolting.

  14. I was going to make the comment on the sub about the possibility of him preying on Aurora…something feels off there. For one, I’ve watched her in scenes with Mitch (Aspen’s Husband) and her adoration of Caleb…she behaves like she’s been abused. There was one clip, less than a second long, where she was sitting on a loveseat with Mitch with her legs in his lap. I could definitely see Kody taking on a predatory role with those girls.

  15. They can’t even bear to drive in a car together. They have to take 4 vehicles to drive anywhere. I say 4 because Kody will always be driving Robyn.

  16. I had the same worries…let me tell you, I’ve never been more wrong. My daughter is obsessed with mommy! Since the moment I first held her…her first word was mom, she only wants mommy to snuggle her before bed…she is just my shadow. She loves playing with her dad, but when she gets sleepy, or hurt, or wants to snuggle—she chooses mom! It actually hurts my husbands feelings sometimes.

  17. It was no place for a child to be—meaning the discussion of Meri’s online affair. Nothing in this thread is even talking about any of the kids sexuality.

  18. Then the little brat can give the gf the original recipe. There is absolutely zero reason for OP to be behaving like this about the OG recipe when it’s NOT EVEN FUCKING HERS

  19. Is there anything special that you do uniquely for your family?

  20. I’m guessing baking this pie is a big part of OP’s identity (i.e. she has few other talents or interests), and she’s avoiding a situation where someone else in the family can potentially ‘do it better’ than her.

  21. Which is understandable and doesn’t make her an AH. It’s makes her a human with feelings.

  22. I can absolutely see Robyn and Kody conspiring to drop hints to Meri leading up to the divorce. "If we all could only legally marry, we could legally adopt the kids into the family and save them from their evil bio dad... If only there were some way..." And WHAMO.

  23. I did a 2020 quarantine binge of the show from the beginning just to figure out the catfish situation. It’s been a while since that deep dive - does anyone with a grasp on the timing think Meri was already talking to the catfish when she made the choice to divorce Kody?

  24. I’m thinking it was early stages…& I’m sure the divorce was all Kody’s (Sobyn’s) idea…he had probably been pressing it and she agrees when Catfish started giving her attention. I’m rewatching that season now. There were so many subtle signs. I think there is one scene when she’s at her computer and she gets a text from Catfish, just by her sigh and body language. She also seems withdrawn, even when they come to her during the boat building episode to tell her Preston signed the papers.

  25. My mom was a single mother who worked, so I took care of my little brother - cooked dinner, cleaned, helped with homework, laundry, bath, bed, packed lunches, and sent him off in the morning.

  26. I’ve got news for your mom, you were woman of the house. She was lucky to have you.

  27. Why are they outside? Everyone looks so uncomfortable at that little table. Why aren't they inside the mansion visiting with Mykelti's siblings too? I don't understand this family at all when it comes to Robyn, her kids and that house.

  28. The most recent scenes-they aren’t going in Robyn and Kody’s house…..I suspect hoarding.

  29. That would also make sense that they still haven’t managed to “find” a room for Truley in that giant house

  30. Doesn’t Kody use a closet to chill in? 🤣

  31. Case and point, my parents were formula fed (well, actually evaporated milk back then lol)….they are in their late 50s, take no medications, have no chronic health conditions—my mom is a dental hygienist and my dad owns two businesses where he moves like an acrobat all day long. No surgeries, never sick-somehow evaded covid despite their high risk jobs and I’ve never even seen either one experience the flu. I breastfed my child until 6 months and she actually seemed grow more developmentally, behaviorally and socially once she started formula—quite frankly FED IS BEST! I can tell you’re struggling….Mama, you having healthy mental health is the best thing you can do for your child.

  32. I think he’s also a cousin to Kody, but I could be wrong.

  33. You can always find a way, especially if his dad’s worried about the shitshow in Flag. If Dayton called his dad and told him Kody’s gone booloo and Mom’s cracking up I think he’d help his son. We only have Robyn’s word that her ex was dangerous or whatever, and I don’t believe anything that comes out that trollop’s lying mouth. The vibes in the mansion on the hill need a film score from a horror flick.

  34. Yeah and we never get to see inside the house on the hill…sus

  35. I had mine a few days ago: Fasting 85 1 hr 106 2 hr 108 3 hr 56

  36. Well that makes me feel much better! Thanks for your input

  37. I dropped to 40 but only in my last hour of the glucose test, depending on your OB ranges you may be considered hypoglycemic which can also be a flag for GD. I think you have to pass 2 or 3 of the draws to be in the clear. When your body gets too much sugar it tries to counteract it

  38. Good to know! Gosh 40?! I bet you REALLY felt icky.

  39. Is Cynthia Decker related to Christine’s Aunt Kristyn Decker?

  40. hmm pay $6K for a weekend with Meri or sell $20K worth of Plexus to family and friends for a weekend with Christine and Janelle … always good times with the Browns

  41. Meri turned in her paperwork at the last moment. There's a tense little moment with mona where Meri is harassing her about getting in before Meri's mom leaves and mona cheerily tells her well it takes time to process those papers you JUST turned in. It's easily overlooked because mona does a good job of calling out meri's bs without looking like she's getting snippy with Meri.

  42. Mona really seemed to throw a lot of low key shade. I found her to be a delight to watch. She definitely favored Janelle and Christine, and even seemed to have a lot of sympathy for them. I really started to dislike Meri during the house building fiasco.

  43. Is this the upcoming episode for this week?

  44. Bruh. I didn't really take it with much seriousness until I remembered you could check ballot status in Maricopa with name, ssn, and registered address.

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