1. This is really disturbing to see on my feed

  2. Your dog looks so adorable but this is just me, but my dog would not be allowed to sleep on my furniture until all of the fleas are gone.

  3. I have 5. I would love to have more, but alas, i dont have the room or the income to be able to afford more chis.

  4. That Texas hot sauce is a style? When I Google it, I just get specific hot sauces, nothing about any particularly Texan way to make it

  5. Same here. My thought process is - you can't call Chinese food Chinese now because it didn't come from China. Now I'm suing all of my Chinese restaurants! Lol

  6. My question was basically whether there is such a thing as "Texas style hot sauce". For example, detroit-style pizza is a thing. Miami-style pizza is not.

  7. I agree with you on the suing. As far as the "texas style hot sauce", that's also the first time I've heard of that. I wasn't aware that was a thing either. And I'm curious who determines that? I'll definitely following this story..

  8. This is the equivalent of the white mystery flavors lol. Id love to try it going in completely blind.

  9. Oh man your making me so excited i think i just peed alittle. I just got finished buying the whole hot sauce lineup (8 bottles for $95 after shipping) and Im just waiting for them to come in the mail. Please OP let us know how these turned out??

  10. This would be a good opportunity to trim those Streisand nails!

  11. Nope! Lol. She knows. That's why I have to "pamper" her up so she won't expect it. I made a new post recently after taking her to get nails clipped. She was NOT happy haha. But she got to pick our any threat she wanted at the store.

  12. sometimes i try to sneak a nail or two while they’re sleeping lol. they can be so evasive!!

  13. I usually try to take mine to the vet. I'm not even allowed to touch her paws. If I do, she instantly knows what is going on and hides under the couch. It's a pain because as soon as I lift the couch to grab her, she runs under the other couch. It's literally a Tom and Jerry situation lol

  14. OMG he is so tiny and adorable! The sink looks like a toilet that you shove him in and flush over and over to rinse him off haha

  15. His face is adorable! He almost look like he is part pug and part chi! So flippin cute!

  16. How much did that cost you? I know those things are not even remotely cheap. Definitely a novelty sauce imo.

  17. Just looking at that stuff is making my butt pucker up lol. I will pass on this stuff.

  18. Disappointed this was recommended on my notifications. Very anticlimactic.

  19. I love my wee lil bread loaf ❤️🍞

  20. Great choice of peppers. Can't wait to see the results!

  21. Thanks. I made a peach habanero, jalapeno verde-style, and not pictured were chipotles that I made a chipotle bacon sauce with. The chipotle bacon sauce is great with eggs. Using the serranos and poblano today

  22. Just a suggestion because it's something I have yet to try but have you tried roasting the peppers before making the sauce?

  23. I always hate but love seeing posts like this because I want it and cant have it haha

  24. Never thought id see the day someone didnt know how to peel a banana.

  25. almost looks like Raynaud's Disease.

  26. RDR2 for me. There is no other character like Arthur Morgan. Nothing will compare to the moment he loses his horse.

  27. Didn't even have to click on the post to know the comment section is going to be having a field day with this. OP knew what angle of image to post.

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