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  1. I'd pick them over MG. Quite a few of them here in Delhi NCR. Really striking road presence I must say.

  2. Plot twist: His grandchild sent that mail

  3. His mom who was driving behind picked him up. I don't think Jos returned for him.

  4. If I was Max, I'd disown him lmao. Winning and losing is part of the sport, but unfortunately Jos doesn't understand the losing part. The irony is he himself has never achieved anythingsignificantin thr sport...😂

  5. Not just boot lol that entire rear design is weird.

  6. Why is sub obsessed with Orry? Everyday there are atleast three topics about him. Very fishy IMO.

  7. Plot twist: It's Orry himself posting this

  8. Lol, decent actress out of new lot🤣🤣.. Bar is too low.. Kiara, Mrunal, Sanya>>>>. Even people who have debuted 2-4 years before her, are way better in terms of acting & screen presence like Alia, Shraddha, Parineeti, etc. She's on par with Janhvi, Sara, Ananya, Tara, etc. in terms of acting skills. She does same cringe acting in all of her movies. No newness

  9. Lmao Shraddha isn't any better. Her range is definitely limited. She just has a good public image that's going for her. She's very likeable for sure but in terms of acting she's in the Kriti Kiara league.

  10. Unpopular opinion - I don't like KANK at all. I don't know why people boast about it so much on

  11. I think as a big, commercial Bollywood movie, and especially as a KJo movie, it was quite ahead if it's time.

  12. Amitabh doesn't like it. I believe it's the same with the other Bachchan women.

  13. Who cares what he likes or doesn't...

  14. Loving these quickstyle collabs! The Virat one was pretty cool too.

  15. Wdym 9 PM is a bad time lol...the race will be done by 11. By 12 even if there's a 1 hour red flag..

  16. So this was the inspiration for that dialogue's all coming together! 😂

  17. I think after the bad feedback on Dhoom 3 and Uday’s retirement, there was not enough to continue on.

  18. I'm pretty sure he'd still play alibhai if asked to, lol.

  19. Also Chutiya Amir denying Nolan The prestige influence in Dhoom 3 was biggest thing I didn't like.

  20. Wdym man Dhoom 2 was fire. Dhoom 3 I agree was shit tier.

  21. 2 states was Prime in terms of her looks! She was perfect!

  22. Came to this sub for exactly this 😂

  23. Not necessarily. If she was a heel wrestler or a bad guy character and I didn’t like her I’d agree. But here I think she’s supposed to be sympathetic but it just doesn’t work for me. But, that’s me. Your mileage may vary

  24. Lol, wait till you've watched all the episodes. You're just meant to sympathize for her initially. By thr end she's all out crazy and there's no justification one can give for her actions.

  25. Naah I really hope that doesn't happen. It would be wrong. Wrong to Zeke and even Jared, having a feeling that he was Mick's second option or something. Ans its not like Mick and Zeke were just dating, they were married! I think Jared is ultimately gonna end up with Mikami.

  26. That's my theory as well, but I really think Ben and Grace would have Eden again at some point. And of course not only Mick's mom and Grace will be alive, but also Zeke, which means he and Michaela will meet again and be together.

  27. Yeah but then in that case she'll end up with Jared so...

  28. We're coming for you Angelina! 🗡🔪👿

  29. I like Jared but he can be a jerk a lot of times. Zeke was very understanding even before his emphatic abilities. I really hope Mick doesn't end up with Jared again after all this. Would just kill off the vibe.

  30. Bro was probably Wolverine even before Wolverine was written 💀🔥

  31. Wolverine was introduced in 1974 is this took before that?

  32. I have no clue but I have a feeling it could be 😂

  33. Nope...they're driven in all sorts of ways by potential customers and sometimes even the dealership staff. Avoid avoid avoid.

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