1. Yep! People smell things differently from each other; from what I understand a comparison could be made to colourblindness. Some of us might smell certain components of a scent with more vividness and complexity, where for others those parts will be dialed down. A recent episode of The Perfume Room had a scientist on who mentioned this.

  2. I’d just like to know which parts of the cologne in question, A&F First Instinct Extreme, I can’t smell

  3. There are dozens of aromachemicals in a fragrance, so going off of "notes" won't be that helplful unfortunately. You'd have to get your hands on raw materials.

  4. I'm not SN but what about a cowl-neck blouse and a blazer with ruched sleeves? Sorta like this

  5. I'm not that into cooking but I bake great sourdough bread and usually am stocked on things to make it into a really wholesome meal (fresh bread and butter + eggs and steamed greens, or toast with tuna salad and fruit on the side).

  6. My friend taught me during the pandemic and I'm super happy about! It's not picture perfect like some you see online but it tastes great and is cheap to make.

  7. Yep. That's the world for ya. I wouldn't be surprised if those same women started egging you after you give birth. Reminds me of some skit - I can't find the guy - but basically, this comedian is a new parent, and explains how "funny" it is how comments change from before and after having a kid.

  8. I want to know how they eat it. Do they take a separate plate to work or do they shake it to coat everything with the dressing?

  9. I worry all the time that I'll be perceived as less if I don't have kids compared to the women around me who choose motherhood and it makes me fixate on my appearance and career and anything else that proves I still have a good life if I don't have kids. It's like I have some voice in my head telling me I have to be better in other aspects of my life to prove my worth if I don't choose to have kids. I don't know if that makes sense. It doesn't help that our society values women based on their appearance. But then I remind myself how much creepy unwanted attention I received in my 20s and how I could never stand up for myself. Now I'm more confident, don't need a man's attention to know my worth, and I don't put up with any crap. I'd much rather be a little older with some wrinkles and greys and a stronger mindset than a girl who couldn't tell a guy to eff off in her 20s. I take care of myself but I do it for me and to feel confident in my own skin.

  10. Yes! And if we don't have kids, we'd better be career women or hot AF to be worth something. Eurgh!

  11. Yeah and I feel like I'm none of the above. I'll be a great aunt, but I want a little more that. That said, I know better than to have kids just because it'll make me feel more valuable.

  12. I’m a solid dramatic but my facial features aren’t that sharply defined (soft jawline, slightly wide nose, had full cheeked in my youth). I steer clear of really sharp details around the face while still sticking with dramatic friendly looks. I love a sharp boat or v neck because it draws attention to the collarbones and shoulders. A really sharp collar is harsh with my face though.

  13. I always thought of unstructured as being 'not tailored like a suit', not as being a tent?

  14. Yeah exactly, you could have a narrow blazer that’s unstructured because it’s made with jersey knit fabric and a dropped shoulder.

  15. I totally agree this could be a 4… perfectionism / comparing self to others leading to withdrawal.

  16. A while back I decided that if I’m willing to date a certain number of years older than me, I should also be open to dating that same number of years younger than me.

  17. Makes sense to me. I wonder how many men operate this way, lol...

  18. Like many commenters I'm also in the +/- 5 years camp. And I'd rather not be the older one, but trying to figure out how much of that is sexist conditioning...

  19. Roscoe’s viewing is up. Robin is a delight (the story of her entrance outfit, gorgeous! And some funny shade about a designer outfit she hated) But the highlight… Aura gets sssooo fucking vulnerable and deep. Its not as sad as episode 3 of Last of Us, but be forewarned you’re more likely to tear up than laugh. I don’t know the terms people use for trigger warnings, sorry, but touches on depression, racism, self-doubt, and loss of a parent. It’s very, very worth watching.

  20. Around where in the video is that? I don't have time to watch all of it.

  21. Eleventh Hour smells like ketchup. Waste of a 5mL sample.

  22. S1: think Rachel is a Byredo girl (she thinks it's cool and almost indie... Mojave Ghost maybe). Or maybe Diptyque Eau Rose. Olivia wears Glossier You. Paula wears Kayali Vanilla. Nicole wears something by Narciso Rodriguez. Tanya- an opulent older floral, maybe Amarige? Or Fracas!

  23. Santal 33 and similar fragrances (like Bois de Bailancourt, probably). BR540 also.

  24. If it feels exactly like having to pee and not that pleasurable she might just need to pee. If it feels really good and merely similar to having to pee, keep going.

  25. no i agree porn is a huge part of it but i find a lot of people into kink are hyperprotective of what they’re interested in sexually and shut down any productive conversations around how it impacts other people or to think critically about it. a lot of gen z girls are pushing back on that kind of stuff and saying they don’t want to have that kind of sex and have received a lot of backlash for being puritan and prudish and it’s just weird and annoying.

  26. Ugh that sucks, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Maybe as an elder millennial it's not quite as much of an issue for me in terms of dating, whether because generationally I'm a bit outside of growing up with kink/porn as mainstream, or also because most people become better communicators with age (not amazingly, but slightly).

  27. I’m an elder millennial too and I was assaulted the first time I had sex by a guy who thought he was doing bdsm. Had an abusive relationship with another dude around our age who did the same stuff. Frankly, I think this stuff just isn’t safe in the hands of the majority of straight men. I’m glad it hasn’t happened to you but frankly I think you just got lucky

  28. Maybe so… btw I didn’t mean to suggest that it hadn’t happened to other women my age. I wouldn’t say I “got lucky” being assaulted in other ways though. My point was mostly that men are gonna be rapey no matter what.

  29. I thought so! My aunt and grandma thought 70s because of the accent piece on the shoulders. But the gaudiness is very much 80s.

  30. Yep looks super 80s, but I'd guess early 80s. So they aren't wrong about some 70s influence remaining. We talk about decades of fashion as if they're super defined, and they kind of are, but really there's a gradual evolution, too.

  31. Definitely either DC or D. I see elongation and he looks best in more tailored and monochromatic looks.

  32. In Italy, all women keep their maiden name after marriage. Taking your husband’s last name is just not a thing there. It’s the children who get the father’s last name (a law allowing parents to freely choose the mother’s name instead was issued in June 2022).

  33. But still... why would her children/ grandchildren etc have the same last name as her?

  34. maybe she raised her son (Albie's grandfather) as a single mother?

  35. maybe you have gamine essence (kitchener) or sth? the short hair looks so good

  36. Dramatics look good with geometric hairstyles, I don't think it's a gamine thing.

  37. It sounds like you're just tracking spending. I would honestly recommend zero-based budgeting.

  38. That’s pretty much what I was doing, but I didn’t have a word for it (zero-based). Once I figured out my expenses and income I knew how much to automatically set to invest every month. The excel sheet also had budget targets for each category and I could see if I’d gone over. I found that handy.

  39. I wouldn't manually track it anymore if you're not really using it.

  40. Hm yeah maybe.. can I ask you if it’s easy to use with multiple banks? I have my credit cards with a different bank than my chequing and savings, and I don’t have an app for the credit cards (but I guess I could get it). I also sometimes use cash for certain things. I guess that’s why I thought I’d just track it myself.

  41. Some of them were too animalic for me. I liked Etruscan Water (fresh herbal scent that is also earthy and substantial), Angel’s Dust (huge cloud of sweet powder, modern take on vintage), and Luxe Calme Volupté (smoky/ashy iris and galbanum).

  42. It seems that a lot - not all, but a lot - of the people who post in that sub have the following going on: An unhelpful partner (this is a biggie), poverty/low income, not enough support (no “village” and can’t afford daycare), or a very high-needs child.

  43. Yep. Said husband often wants more babies, too :/

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