1. Sparkling Recipe will override it. I tried every which way. (The simple versions requiring 2x Salty Herba, and the complex way that uses any 2 Herba's. The Sparkling Power, Title, and Encounter is all you get no matter what. Because of the Herba Mystica)

  2. can cetoddle and orthworm be found in outbreaks? I've been date skipping for days looking as they are all I need for my team

  3. try putting it in hot water. after 30 seconds it should be easy to straighten out

  4. can cetoddle and orthworm be found in the mas outbreaks? serebii says they are but i've been date skipping for hours but nothing there the last part of my team, and I want there shinies

  5. What does the front of the box feel like? I'm thinking it's gonna be like the rest of the cardboard

  6. Until you pull that paper off and find that someone figure swapped it with a Lando.

  7. can a violet player invite me to you world in the union circle? I want to get the malicious armor

  8. I recently started playing republic commando for the first time and excited to get scorch since he is my favorite. I now see why many don't like em but there good for me. probably gonna be my only one tho cuz space

  9. is the misaligned yellow at the front of the mouth (not the arrow) intentional? mine has it, the ones I've seen here have it, the reviews from months ago with the import have it.

  10. hasbro don't give them an msrp, they decide. it's why the maldo kries mando is almost $40, mando and ahsoka 2 pack is $66, gamestop figures are $28 and the Walgreens 187th clone is $25. it's the retailer's choice

  11. I know I'm gonna get down voted, but his wives were actually arranged marriges, Makio is his distant cousin married to him because the clan was falling apart...-

  12. red box, probably not, archive, there's a chance. the only difference in the two is the welding line color, weathering, and pauldron. you can find custom pauldrons on ebay and just paint it

  13. Im on the fence with this guy because of the color scheme is a little all over the place for me, but in the other hand the color scheme on the Republic Commando B-2s also have a weird color scheme

  14. personally, I'm a fan of both, the only issue I have with the survivor one is they don't have the alternate back antenna, and the backpack white is slight different from the white paint on the figure, it's not bad but as a nit picky person, is a little weird.

  15. The battle droids are so cool, but damn are they hard to pose without a stand

  16. yea, I found some stands that work great with the black series, they have 3 different sized pegs on each stand and a hold the droid firmly to it. you can find it

  17. Can't get cheaper than that right? I keep trying to convince myself not to order it but it's been in my cart for two days lmao

  18. How do you get the First order pauldron off?

  19. put em in some hot water for 30 seconds to a minute, head pops right off and the pauldron shouldn't be glued on (maybe, idk dont have any) so it's easy to remove

  20. check out landspeeder luke on yt he gets figures imported early to review them so you can determine which you want

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