1. Was the console dropped there? If so it could be a screen issue , if not it’s most likely a ribbon cable that you would have to take out and replace Not a expert tho so idk what exactly could be

  2. I think saw one of those for like 700$, and that was just the console i think

  3. Family games? Like, for local multiplayer? Like Smash or Mario Kart?

  4. Once finishing a level on story mode it is comepletely open for play.

  5. Yes , but if I replay them, will it be able to make progress on the gun challenges ?

  6. What do you need to hide? If something is bad enough for your parents to kick you out then you probably shouldn't be doing it

  7. It’s in no way bad, it’s just my dad point of views r fucked, he’s homophobic, quite racist , and has the shortest temper of anyone I know. It’s nothing bad I’m doing, I’m just talking to my boyfriend and I don’t want him to know I have one and I don’t want him to know what I’m saying to my boyfriend

  8. If you need to hide it you shouldn't be doing it. How is your Dad "Homophobic"?

  9. He is extremely Christian even tho he thinks all religions are cults, he kicked out one of my family members for being trans , he constantly bullies any of my queer friends had said that the whole lgbtqia+ community should all kill themselves, he wanted roe v wade to happen, extremely republican and etc

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