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  1. Fuck this far right extremist UKIP bullshit. Nobody voted for these guys because the Conservative Party basically turned into UKIP. You don't joke about raping or not raping women. There's no circumstance where this is acceptable. Carl Benjamin is a dickhead and UKIP was a pack of dickheads who caused greater harm to the UK than an actual nuclear strike. Ridiculous charlatans all of them.

  2. But it's ok to laugh at male suicide rates?

  3. The levitating trick that he made famous... I saw it performed by a 14 year old Stewart Macleod in our secondary school library years before David Blaine did it. I also saw him perform quite a few more of the close up tricks that Blaine did in his street magic series. The levitating one is the one that I remember most.

  4. Changing well established right of way laws is just an easy way to confuse drivers and pedestrians and will cause far more accidents.

  5. “It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.”

  6. So... what does he celebrate on the 25th of May?

  7. As a casualty of many a towel rail in the past myself, I hope it's not arse up.

  8. I live in a prominent fishing town in NE Scotland. They definitely are not in decline up here. Their numbers are increasing every year. They are nothing but sky vermin.

  9. Totally agree, such a nice dynamic. And it's great to see Harry taking charge, too; he's been awesome casting MC events so to see him play is a welcome change! It's also fun to see that for once Duncan doesn't know everything about the modpack and that shakes things up a bit, in a good way. And I have to mention Ben, too.

  10. Ben's done a great job tidying the place up.

  11. I mean, to be fair to Duncan, he's been a beast in the vaults.

  12. As a former trawlerman who has gutted tens and tens of thousands of haddocks in my time, the biggest joke here is a 25lb haddock. They grow to 6 or 7lbs. Max.

  13. Oh my cod why do you have to be so cod damn pedantic.

  14. Just for the halibut. Didn't know it would make you so crabby.

  15. all your dreams are made when your chained to the mirror and the razor blade

  16. All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade.

  17. If you don't have your shit mostly together (personally, financially, emotionally, spiritually), you should not have a child.

  18. Children are the making of some people. My sister was fucked up on alcohol and class A drugs for years, never worked, had loads of debt and couldn't keep a house in a livable state. She was a fucking mess. The moment she fell pregnant, she changed. Her son turned 4 last month and she hasn't consumed drugs or alcohol since finding out she was pregnant, went to college and now has a good job in social care, cleared her debt and was given a new council house which she decorated beautifully and keeps it immaculate. All this while being a single mother. It took having a kid to bring out the best in her. Her son is the sweetest little boy, is very clever and is well cared for and loved.

  19. Yeah, sure. I buy your argument that ethnicity has more genetic markers than race does. But it seems like you’re stretching the argument to say that somehow ethnicity is a viable way to sort people when race isn’t.

  20. 'English' isn't an ethnic group. It's a nationality. Nationality can be made up of many different ethnicities. It is possible to be from Italian, Greek or Polish descent and still be English.

  21. The original argument is that “race” will be replaced by “ethnicity” but no one seems to be able to define ethnicity in any usable way for the general public. So the census form backs my argument up.

  22. I mean, the oxford dictionary defines it as such;

  23. I'm a girl and I don't mind being asked out on the street. The only time it was scary was when a guy said he'd 'walk me to the train station' and didn't accept no as an answer. But if someone asks in an easy manner and then immediately leaves / stops for a nice chat it's okay.

  24. Kudos. And thank you on behalf of every normal but nervous man who plucked up the courage to ask a girl out for not automatically labelling them a creep or a weirdo.

  25. It runs beautifully emulated in Duckstation on android or PC or Retroarch. Higher resolution with PGXP correction and a wide-screen code for true 16:9 gaming.

  26. Retroarch is on android too. That's how I'm playing it.

  27. I've been playing this for the last couple days on my phone with the Retroarch emulator. Loved it back then, still love it now.

  28. Fact is, it has and is still harming people. So your 'as long as it isn't harming anyone' response is irrelevant.

  29. Wait... are you comparing people dying to drugs with killing in the name of God?

  30. YTA. You know she could be be gluten free for medical reasons and not just to keep healthy, right? Celiac disease is a thing and feeding gluten to a celiac can really mess up their digestive system. There's even evidence that it can cause other health problems outwith the digestive system. You could've made her really sick.

  31. Pictures you personally drew from your fantasies don't count as lore.

  32. Like pedophiles becoming “minor attracted persons”

  33. Or women 'forcing men to have sex' and not raping them.

  34. Now I have a craving for some chicken nuggets.

  35. I like to think this is why Scots and Aussies get along so well. The use of the word cunt as a term of endearment is a fantastic thing.

  36. Parents shouldn’t keep blaming social media for everything. Parents need to parent.

  37. Exactly. I'm really surprised I had to scroll so far to see parents mentioned. I know it's hard to control everything our kids see on the internet, but there are certainly things we can be doing to limit how much of it they see. Parental controls should be used and regular monitoring of their social media accounts may seem like an invasion of their privacy to them, but they don't fully understand the harmful content that they could be viewing or the dangers of speaking to random people they don't know online.

  38. CITV... coz they didn't threaten to put my mum in prison if she didn't pay for me to watch.

  39. This is pretty fucking rockin’- like Black Keys/White Stripes kind of stuff… Love it!

  40. I mean, he's drumming and playing guitar with one hand each simultaneously and is still better Jack and Meg White.

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