1. My whole issue with the Trina/Will thing is this: This supposedly was resolved and squared away AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED as they all confirmed on the podcast, including Trina. She confronted Will in the moment and they talked it out. Why was she opening an old wound that everyone thought was resolved 20-some years ago? All these years, Will thought everything was fine with this and she blasts him publicly out of nowhere again over it on social media. I had the impression that she took Will's comment lying down and he never owned up or apologized. I was incredibly surprised to hear that totally wasnt the case at all, given how she portrayed it. Will was put in his place on it 25 years ago and it sounds like he felt bad, and still feels bad.

  2. I always wondered why Trina brought it up again. If I’m remembering correctly, I think she brought it up after she wasn’t invited to a reunion interview or something, though I felt like it was completely irrelevant. It really sounded like Will hadn’t apologized the moment it happened and as if he went nearly two decades without so much as an apology. Only to find out that not only did they hash things out as it happened, he apologized multiple times and then after she brought it up not long ago, he actually wrote a THREE PAGE APOLOGY. Like, what more does she want?? People make mistakes and he was a decent enough person to see that what he said was wrong, sincerely (at least I got the impression that he was sincere) apologized numerous times, then wrote a letter apologizing yet again for a comment he made 20 YEARS AGO. Talk about not letting something go and dragging it out. I might’ve understood if he apologized reluctantly, took a while to apologize, seemed insincere, anything like that, but it wasn’t the case. At all.

  3. I am not a Jenelle fan but this judgement seems a little harsh. Mom’s are allowed to have some time to themselves to play video games or do something they enjoy. Moms are people too. Not robots. Mom’s need some part of their life that isn’t just being a mom or homemaker.

  4. I agree. The problem is that Jenelle isn’t a great mother. She spends time with her kids to post on social media. Besides that you can find her making them feel bad, teasing them, etc. If she did things like believe her kid when she says she’s sick or didn’t post that horrible video of her youngest son, then maybe people would overlook it. She’s just a bully to them.

  5. Yeah Jenelle is definitely not the best parent by any means. She’s awful. I would just hate for another mom to see this and feel bad for playing video games, is all 🥺

  6. I get that. I think the fact that other parents think that Jenelle is a bad mom says that they’re probably not like that, making them a much better parent already.

  7. I don’t think she understands how to use the phrase “god forbid”. Not surprising since English IS her second language.

  8. Yeah, I was a bit confused by that part too. Definitely not how you use that phrase.

  9. I remember if we (dad (if he was even around), sister, and I) didn’t get my mom a lavish enough gift, she would throw the biggest fucking tantrum. My sister and I would save what little money we’d get all freaking year (her birthday was in November and ours was in the summer, but we would save money from the Christmas before her birthday too) and have to put it together to buy her name brand purses or jewelry and my dad would put in the difference, or if he wasn’t there, my grandma. She loved purses from Coach or Dooney & Burke or any type of jewelry with diamonds, NEVER birthstones.

  10. Juno has a pet sitter that he’s known since he was 2 years old (he’s turning 6 this year). She’s absolutely amazing. However, there’s the slight issue that she lives in Georgia and I now live in Colorado. Well, my husband and I are renewing our vows in August and we’re doing it on a cruise which means minimal contact with whoever we leave him with. Because of this, we have been really worried about who to leave him with.

  11. could have had a girl/woman with a miscarriage. that would've provided a different perspective too

  12. Or if one of the girls did have a miscarriage (I say if because I know a few of them claimed it was a miscarriage when it wasn’t) they could’ve talked about it more. They could’ve shown how it affected them, if they sought therapy, why it happened, etc. It would have been a good opportunity to educate women (of all ages) on the symptoms and possible causes. It could’ve also helped the women who’ve gone through it feel like they’re not alone.

  13. Others have mentioned Brittany. There was a one off special with one of the moms from (I believe) Season 2 of 16 & Pregnant where she found out she was pregnant again and decided to have an abortion. It was called No Easy Choice/Decision, something like that.

  14. I completely agree with everything you said. As someone who had an abortion at 19 years old (medical complications, though I still wonder if I would’ve made the same choice the doctors pretty much made for me - it was either that or I die), I feel like if I had watched someone go through what I did (whether or not for the same reasons), then go on to graduate college, start a career, see the contrasting life they lived, maybe it would’ve felt more acceptable and even normal when it happened to me. I think getting rid of the stigma that abortion comes with would really affect the decisions that girls make and they wouldn’t live with the guilt that many of them have. Guilt which, in my opinion, they shouldn’t carry.

  15. Reading through the comments, I realized that someone must be going through them and downvoting people who are complimenting OP or saying literally anything positive (a bunch of people had ‘0’ upvotes or -1 downvotes).

  16. No my toddler didn’t do the make up he left me alone for long enough to do it a little bit extra which is what I was trying to say lol. Typically I don’t have time for eyeliner and eyeshadow and I just have to do a really basic look so I shared it because I felt extra pretty today!

  17. I can’t read their comment because it’s deleted, but from what you wrote I get the gist and just wanted to say to ignore them!! First, there’s nothing wrong with feeling pretty and posting how your makeup looks on a makeup sub even if it’s because you feel pretty. Second, it’s a freaking subreddit just for makeup!!! Posting a picture and listing the makeup you have on is a great way to demonstrate how it actually looks!! There are so many times when people recommend products where I wish they’d post how they look so I can see, but I never ask because some people don’t want their picture on here and I totally get it.

  18. I’ve told my fiancé of 9 years since day one I wish I didn’t have to work and would love to be a SAHM. Admittedly, I’d still do “some” things on the side to bring in money. If she’s up front about it, I don’t see the issue.

  19. I’ve been with my husband for a decade this year. I’ve gone from being kicked out of my narcissist parents’ house to living with him and his parents while we were in college to splitting a McChicken with him cause we were so broke to working two jobs and being the main breadwinner in the marriage to getting really sick and having to quit my job to being a stay at home wife while he works from home and helps take care of me. I often worry that people will think that now that he makes good money that I’m taking advantage of him (even though I’m disabled and prior to getting sick I enjoyed making more money because I wanted him to stay at home), but I stopped caring. People will always have their opinions.

  20. Too far out. Once the Sun runs a story about the camper, she will have one the following week. After a ~spicy dump~ of course

  21. Ahhh the words “spicy dump” doesn’t have the meaning she intends in to lol. It’s quite the opposite. It just makes me think of Mexican food and a toilet.

  22. It’s also weird because it sounds so narcissistic. KAIL and the chaos…she really just can’t say family 🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. If I could up like this a million times, I would. I didn’t speak to my SIL for a year. I barely speak to her now 3 years later. Even still when friends get pregnant who I feel like don’t appreciate it enough, or didn’t struggle, or don’t “deserve” it (sorry, just being honest about the ugly parts of myself), I basically cut them out. I just can’t. I can’t do it. It’s unfair.

  24. That would be me right now. At first I felt bad cutting certain people off, but honestly, I don’t think they’ve even noticed and it’s better for my mental health.

  25. I’m going through something similar. I have a friend who I’ve known since we were little kids. Our families are close and we became cousins by marriage (my sister married into her family and my husband is her husband’s cousin). Well, 9 years ago (technically 9 years next month) I was pregnant. Due to health complications and what felt like a million other reasons, I had to give her up. I had surgery (there was no other option for me) and just like that…I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Well, close to two months ago she got pregnant. At first she tried to be considerate because she knows how much it still affects me, but as of lately all she does is bitch and moan about being pregnant. I knew when I was pregnant that there were going to be complications. I knew it was a miracle that I was pregnant to begin with. I knew that I had to enjoy every second I could. So hearing her complain, hearing her blame everything on her pregnancy, noticing how she refuses to talk about literally anything else, it really started taking it’s toll on me. So I decided to cut her off temporarily. I’ll message her every so often to check in or I’ll respond to her if she asks a question, but beyond that, I’m not talking to her. I just can’t stand to hear how ungrateful she is.

  26. Not gonna lie, I was mad at the ex bf at first, thinking he was talking to her about his patients. It shocked me when I read how she actually gained that information! I'm relieved to know he is a good psychologist, and a good person for trying to sue her for what she did. I'm glad you didn't try to report him since he didn't actually do anything wrong, from the sounds of it. I'm sorry your family is the way it is, but just remember that you don't get to choose the family you're born into, but you can choose to leave that family and build one of your own (with friends and such). You're a strong person, and you are going to do great!

  27. I thought he had told her about his patients too! Then when I read how she actually obtained the information, it left me shocked. She’s a POS. Betraying her ex boyfriend’s trust, violating multiple patients’ privacy, breaking the law, putting OP in that situation to begin with. Jfc. And then the family who actually supports her. Thank goodness OP is a good person and away from their toxicity.

  28. As someone who’s been in therapy since I was 15 years old, your sister is scum. I’m sorry, but none of that is her damn business and the fact that she sees no problem with blabbing to anyone who will fucking listen is a huge problem.

  29. I love that! It sounds so cute! Best of luck! It might be an adjustment/a bit difficult (puppy blues) at first, but once you get into a good rhythm, you won’t be able to imagine your life without her.

  30. When I graduated from university I didn’t have the money to pay for my cap and gown. I was estranged from my family (and continue to be) and I felt bad asking my in-laws for $100 to pay for it since they had already taken me in and I wouldn’t have graduated if it wasn’t for them. I thought to myself that it wasn’t a big deal and that I’d go to graduation when I finish my masters. Half-way through my master’s I got really sick. Sick to the point where I had to stop school and quit my job. Four years have passed and I haven’t been able to go back to school or work. In fact, I’m only getting worse.

  31. This was many years ago so I can’t remember the exact product, I think it was an early version of philosophy’s microdelivery peel. It was essentially a powder in a capsule that you mixed with another product or water or something to activate. The customer didn’t read the directions and apparently didn’t understand it was topical, so she assumed the capsules were some kind of skin supplement. She’s honestly lucky it didn’t kill her.

  32. You know, a capsule I can understand much more. Especially English is her second language or something. She probably thought it was some sort of vitamin skin thing. If she fully understood English, well then I don’t really know she thought she should swallow it.

  33. I wouldn’t have brought her up to begin with if it was an ESL issue, but she was a wildly wealthy white woman that lived in a ridiculously rich part of Connecticut. She acted like I should have sent someone from my store to help her with administering this product. I genuinely don’t understand why she didn’t just go to an esthetician in the first place

  34. Wow, that’s pretty rude of her. I mean, how were you supposed to know that she wouldn’t read the instructions and swallow something made for your face…I’m sorry you have to deal with entitled people.

  35. Oh, yes. The pain is constant and for me worse in the morning probably because I’ve been still for so long. It takes me a while to “warm up”, per se. Swelling in the joints is very common and “normal” for lupus, unfortunately.

  36. Thank you for replying. It does make me feel better that I'm not the only one. Yes, you are right. Like you said once, I ' warm up ' I feel better. For some reason, ibuprofen doesn't really help me. I know the doctor suggested I take a 600mg dose of ibuprofen if it hurts so bad, but like I said, it doesn't help me. I do appreciate your answer. I felt like I was the only one when I was researching this symptom. Especially sweeling of the body parts. That can be so distracting and painful. I tried epsom salt and taking baths but that didn't help either. I'll try heating pads next

  37. You should ask your doctor about Celebrex. If you don’t have any GI issues then it could be a really good option. I was on it for a while and I thought it was a miracle. It’s supposed to be really easy on the stomach, but since I’ve had GI problems for years, it caused an ulcer. It usually doesn’t do that though, so maybe ask about it. It’s an anti-inflammatory and not a steroid which is great.

  38. Trash attracts trash. That’s all there is to it. It’s like the saying “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”. She and UBT are one in the same.

  39. Why do I cringe whenever he takes pics with her even tho he is her dad??

  40. Instinct. We all know he’s a horrible fucking person and the worst dad imaginable in big part due to how abusive he is. Sometimes people just give you a vibe and he’s giving off major “get the fuck away from him” vibes. A friend of mine saw a picture of him as I was commenting on a picture of him on Reddit and the first thing he said was “Wtf is that thing doing on your computer?! Jesus he looks fucking demented.” He doesn’t even know, let alone watch, Teen Mom 2! He just knew that there was something seriously off about UBT and he’s not wrong.

  41. This is the saddest comment because of how true it is…my heart breaks for all the kids who have to witness their mother being abused and who are abused themselves. As much as I strongly dislike/practically hate Jenelle, no one deserves that. I’m quite convinced that with the right person she might actually be tolerable. Plus no matter what she does to her kids they still love her, so I hate that they have to see all their fights and the abuse between them. I’m sure it’s not easy.

  42. I am in complete agreement. And that comment was totally uncalled for. The only thing I will say though is that guinea pigs are a very normal thing to eat in many countries in Latin America. I’m from Peru and it’s just part of our culture as it is for many others. Personally, I could never eat them, but a lot of people do and I’d hope that they’re not judged for it. This is 100% not the case for UBT though. It is NOT part of his culture and even though I know people who eat them I also know they would never write such an unnecessary comment on someone’s pet.

  43. I do appreciate the context, it’s good to know that in a different cultural setting this statement would have a completely different connotation than it does here. A comparison would be that I would never say I wanted to eat Chelsea’s pet animals. I’m not a vegetarian/vegan, but I’m not gonna look at pictures of her animals and talk about them being delicious. When you add in David’s history of killing small animals, the whole thing just becomes another level of concerning.

  44. Everything about UBT is concerning. I can’t even call him by his name because of what a horribly disgusting thing he is. No decent human would ever say or do even a quarter of the things he has. And you’re right. His treatment of animals is especially concerning.

  45. Awww, what a sweetheart!! Goldens are the best 😍 Well, all dogs are amazing, but there’s a special place in my heart for goldens.

  46. I HATE how many of these were about Kaiser 😔 that sweet little baby roll. I’ll never understand how they hate kids so much yet kept having them.

  47. Honestly, I didn’t even notice until I was writing it out. I was just typing up all the stuff they did and then realized the majority of it was about Kaiser 😕

  48. They could of bettered themselves for their kids and broken the cycle too.... can't Blame your folks for your behavior forever

  49. Seriously. At a certain point, you have to start being held accountable for your actions. My dad is a drug addict which means that I’m at a higher risk to become an addict. I’m not going to blame anyone if I become an addict, but what I will do is be very careful drinking, avoid anyone who does drugs and tries to push them on people, and be extra careful with my meds that are controlled substances.

  50. I agree with you. Chelsea got the most family support and look… she is now the most well-adjusted and happiest mom. Randy is an incredibly good father, and Chelsea was nowhere near the worst when it comes to lazy, ungrateful teenagers. At the end of the day we should be glad that Randy stepped up and helped chelsea get her life together, instead of holding it against her like some sort of character flaw. She is far from the first teenager to be self absorbed and ungrateful

  51. But how can they judge Adam and Chelsea equally if Chelsea doesn’t have a record?!?!

  52. Randy was paying for the apartment as long as Chelsea was going to school and Adam wasn't living there. Chelsea moved Adam in, and Randy told him he needed to pay to live there. Adam started shit with Megan and was telling Chelsea Megan should be paying rent too, even though Adam was the one who didn't have Randy's blessing to live there rent free. Adam basically started a massive issue over something that wasn't his business and Chelsea wouldn't check him and stayed silent and let her shit ass baby daddy bully her friend to the point of leaving. I'm massively disappointed in Chelsea for being a shit friend to the person who was actually helping her care for Aubree, as well as Randy for not putting his foot down and telling Adam to get the fuck out before it got to that point.

  53. You sound like an amazing friend. I’m so sorry she treated you that way when you didn’t deserve it. I feel so bad for her daughter. It must’ve killed you seeing that guy weasel his way into their lives again and knowing what the little girl was in for. That must’ve hurt more than anything else.

  54. My 12 year old said some class she has sucks, I snapped my neck turning around so fast lmao. She just doesn’t say stuff like that (around me at least) so it was just weird to hear it lol. I could never sit my toddler down and have them do this.

  55. My brothers are 16 and 19 years old (we’re over 10 years apart) and I still feel weird when they randomly drop a curse word and they do too because they’ll look at me all scared lol. They usually apologize afterwards. They never curse in front of our parents though because even though one of them is technically an adult, that wouldn’t fly at all.

  56. i hate it too. One example i have which is not exactly the same but kind goes in the same category of shitty parents. my neighbor’s kid at the time was maybe 3 and my ex partner and i were outside and the little boy came up to me and kept trying to kiss me in the lips(i was sitting in the ground” i kept turning my head to my cheek and he’d try and go for my mouth. it’s innocent he’s a kid. but the part that bothered me was the kids dad trying to high five my bf saying “he takes after his dad he’s a PLAYA” it made me very uncomfortable he’s a child stop sexualizing it wtf.

  57. Wtf…wtf is wrong with that parent. You don’t ENCOURAGE your kid who’s trying to kiss someone who doesn’t want to be kissed. You’re supposed to teach them to be respectful and teach them what consent is. That parent should’ve scolded their kid and told them that no means no! Wtf is wrong with people! That “cute” behavior will turn into predatory behavior.

  58. Farrah looks scary…I don’t know why some women get so much work done. The majority of the time they look way better without anything. I get if they want to change a couple of things, but it always ends up being too much - like Farrah. She would look much better if she was more natural.

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