1. Wlr Is a really good and iconic album, but people be exaggerating, it's like a 7.2/10 realistically

  2. Never heard of Fred again but the top 4 crazy

  3. You play a single song 12k times???!!!!

  4. i love ken but did this nigga jus call himself barbie ???

  5. ngl i only know yung kayo from his verse on proud of you, but i actually fw his verse on that lol and ik a lot of people don’t. imma check it out later tn let’s see if i become a fan

  6. As a Yung kayo fan I think his verse on proud of you is ass

  7. Dababy under yeat day - 🙋🙋🙋🤡🙋🙋

  8. U musta thot I wa done ! Huhuh !

  9. Bro fr, ppl saying there’s no energy needa relisten to the 2nd verse the way he screams “IM LIL FAYGO IM A BEAST”

  10. This exact sentence and how he delivers it is why I love faygo so much, I wish we got more of that on the album

  11. Nahhh she fuckin a 19 year old lightskin

  12. Rock on the track ya 🤞

  13. Yes, it's kinda like DJ ak on control, just unnecessary

  14. 3 deluxe songs lmaoo and they all ass

  15. What does it really say I wondered

  16. Homixide my ganggg yeahh

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