1. Poaching eggs: pop the entire uncracked egg in the boiling water for 10 seconds first. Then take it out, add a very small dash of vinegar to the water, turn off the ring, let the water become fairly still, and crack the egg directly into the water as close to it as your hands can tolerate. Then when the white has mostly set, you can put the hob back on at the lowest heat setting. If the egg is sticking to the bottom, gently scrape it off with an egg turner before it finishes cooking.

  2. Silky creamy mash: when you've drained the potatoes and added your splash of milk, put the pot back on the hob on low heat and mash them vigorously as you can. Something about having the heat on under them while you mash them makes the texture become extra starchy.

  3. Even with the washer and but combo they will still come loose vs having a plate with a lock nut that goes on sideways. Happened with my Riedell Crews despite having bought a mini vice grip for the sole purpose of tightening them to death, but thankfully I only found out when I was photographing them for sale and not in the middle of a skate session!

  4. I actually don't understand why people think they should learn a totally new physical skill all by themselves without help. Would you throw yourself down a ski hill for the first time having only watched youtube? Skating isn't instinctive like swimming, you have to learn the mechanics of it. A good instructor can help you understand what those are, so even though it's going to take time for your body to figure it out you'll be starting with better information.

  5. I learned at home because it took me months to find a class, and I can't drive so I had to ask my husband to start driving me to class on Sunday mornings. By the time I joined the class, I was quickly bumped up to the second level because of all the hard work is done at home, then a month or so later I went up to the third level.

  6. If something like death of injury happens in family, she would be the last to contact you, because she can use it to make herself a victim and direct attention at herself with it. So I suggest you ignore her.

  7. Well, in my case, my mother would want to take out any stress she had about the situation on me, so she'd call me up and call me all sorts of disgusting things and expect me to just take it. But I'm not her little punching bag anymore and now live overseas to make it even better. 😁😁😁

  8. Even if someone's died or injured, you literally can't fix it.

  9. I bet they actually know that they're adding insult to injury, as well as pretending to themselves that they're just fantastic. Win-win for themselves and they get to still hurt you by twisting the knife they stabbed you with.

  10. I seem to go one extreme or the other... Well, actually I've repressed myself so much more that my brain mostly just locks up and can't find words or can't figure out which of the million details about the topic to choose to talk about so I just clam up and give a one-word answer.

  11. Apparently it happens if you're a "simple human"?

  12. This kind of crap is why I never intend to go to a rink again. No thanks, I'll skate in parking lots forever.

  13. Judging by the comments excusing it as "the culture" and pretending it's ok, it seems that rink culture needs to get with the damn times and apparently a large number of skaters need to learn about bodily autonomy and consent.

  14. There’s one other thing most people do if they are coming up around you they will make a really loud “yeeeeeooooouu” noise that should get your attention and see that someone is coming behind you and then you should move, whether you move or not is completely on you after someone makes their presence known. If you don’t move then they’ll shoot the gap if there is enough space. The next option after that would be to slow down then go around IF they can meaning if there are also people behind them they can’t slow down as that will cause a pile up. Worst case they will respectfully grab the your waist and guide you out the way.

  15. Yeah it was open skate and I'm not a slow skater, usually fast but I use a very good T-stop to slow down in close quarters. I chose to drop in behind a group of terrified newbies and slow down to their pace and just give them time to get around that pillar. Rink doesn't have space for lanes due to pillars in the floor, which is why I dropped my speed because squeezing past the pillar would have scared and maybe knocked over the newbies.

  16. Let me start off by saying, I don't listen to Sam Smith. I don't know any of their songs. I have read the "news" articles regarding this latest video. I have seen how they look. Sam looks happy. I wish more people looked happy and were as happy as he seems to be. The people that are getting all crazy about Sam Smith need to find a hobby or something else to peak their interests. Someone that knows who they are, what they want and how to try at being happy with life is something we should praise not put down or scrutinize. I hope the message I am trying to convey here makes sense. I get a bit rambly after In conclusion, good for you Sam, keep on being you. You are valid and you are amazing. ♥️

  17. I did this as a beginner skater and I did ok with the staff stance and bent knees to get over the first one or two obstacles like this, but... Before there's time to rebuild some speed at all, there's a third patch of awfulness, and i just haven't got the momentum anymore. That's when I would fall. You need speed as well as the correct stance, but these bloody UK pavements...

  18. Yep. This is it. They want you to be a flattering mirror, nothing else. At all.

  19. So now we are prejudiced against people with deviated septums or allergies?

  20. Yeah I've never understood what one's mouth position is supposed to have to do with intelligence. I went to school with several kids who could never breathe through their chronically blocked noses, and I never saw reason to connect a blocked nose to low intelligence.

  21. Mine buys fancy designer clothes that she almost never has reason to wear, wears them once or twice, then buys more. I don't know where she even keeps it all. I just find it amusing. Especially remembering when both my parents went ballistic at me for literally months on end over the time I asked to borrow €20 from them for medicine once as a student.

  22. What a sweet little face. I'm so glad you had this little fella to adore every day, and I'm so glad that he had your love. 💕🐾

  23. There's something wrong with me lol, all I can see is upright plates!

  24. This resonates a lot with me right now: I wish my brother had the strength to keep going, but I think he knew deep down he was trapped in that dysfunctional house (when I went NC, they held on to him tighter). There’s blood on their hands and I can’t forgive them for this.

  25. But being unemployed is a mental torture of its own kind too... We just can't win!

  26. Your parents shouldn't allow your siblings to abuse you. It's kind of sad. Going no contact with one abusive parent eventually means having to cut off the whole system or having to cut off that whole tangled up mess. They are all intertwined with each other.

  27. Yeah my brother was literally allowed to pinch me at the dinner table every day. And by pinch, I don't mean a quick little pinch... I mean grasping a good wad of inner thigh skin and vice-gripping it with his fingers until his fingernails turned white, and not letting go until his hand got too tired. He was literally blatantly allowed to do that, my mother would smirk at me whenever he did it and would literally gaslight me while watching it ("He's not doing a bit to you!"), and I now have permanent scars all over my inner thighs so that I'm reminded daily of that powerlessness and pain and the fact that my parents *chose" this for me every day.

  28. Sorry to hear that. But yes, better to be lonely and relieved of these false relationships than to convince ourselves that we're not lonely while chasing the most basic of decent treatment or approval, or apologies, that will never ever come.

  29. You could go through an online site like Done and get adhd meds. It cost me $79 a month

  30. I'm not too comfortable getting prescription meds illegally online, besides I live in the UK where it's much harder to do that. If I did find a website that sold them, who knows what I'd actually be receiving?

  31. I guess I could have said “prescribed” instead of “get.” Done isn’t illegal, you are diagnosed and prescribed adhd meds by a Dr online. But yeah, I don’t know if Done is available in the UK. I’d be willing to bet there’s some service like that offered there too.

  32. Oh right sorry. I had a few people recommend I buy melatonin online once, but it's illegal to sell without prescription in the UK (not illegal to buy or use, just for companies to sell). So my mind kinda jumped to that, sorry.

  33. Your trauma is TA. It's causing you to push men away who haven't harmed you. This means that your social circle and now your daughter's social circle is severely limited, as you basically aren't allowing yourself to be around half the world's population. Your boundary is ultimately an irrational one informed by trauma, not logic, and it is dysfunctional as it negatively impacts your ability to function in the world, and your ability to give your daughter what she needs to live a normal life.

  34. The fact that she acts nice towards other people is proof that she is capable of acting nice and chooses not to.

  35. Yeah this is one of those things that really f'ing stings.

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