1. I think it would, since I remade it with cinnamon and it felt like a spice cake. But I can't guarantee it, you'd have to try to see how much lemon zest you need and if it changes the final texture of the cake, I wouldn't know.

  2. Would you happen to have a recipe? Sorry, I saw you’ve posted multiple already haha

  3. mine rose when it was in the microwave then and then sunk, is there anyway I could get it to stay?

  4. Unfortunately I think the big heat difference will cause it to deflate.

  5. I really like modernist pantry but it’s more expensive. It’s super good for meringues and whipping vs other brands, like It’s Just, which might just be good for directly using.

  6. Thank you! I will try it. Honestly the glaze still looks great to me

  7. I need to find the powdered sweetener you mentioned.

  8. You can blend granulated sugar to make your own powdered sugar but mixing granulated sugar+water would just be sugar water or separate

  9. I used to only use oat fiber on its own but the taste was intolerable to me so now I tend to replace a few tablespoons of normal flour for oat fiber. Also remember oat fiber (or at least my brand) is half as dense as flour

  10. I did take these pictures the day after whoops

  11. Which flavor is your favorite? Did you get them off Amazon? I might also get some, they look good!

  12. I got it off their website! I like the traditional if I were to eat them everyday but the flavored ones I like the Serrano ones. The only one I don’t like is the black pepper, it was really hard and not my thing

  13. Looks yummy! How much jerky is in the package?

  14. A serving is around like ~a handful? I would say it’s like normal jerky

  15. Dulce de Lèche 0 cal sauce. Check the link for all the products of the same brand. I find they're better than Walden's Farm

  16. Are you adding sugar for meringues? You don't need to for an egg sub in baking, but if making meringues, the sugar is what holds the shape. If you are adding sugar, then your oven may be too hot.

  17. I added granulated sugar and baked at 200-210F

  18. I wanna make these but I don’t have oats. I have oat flour and wheat bran would they work you think?

  19. I think you could using those to replace flour but they are too fine to replace oats

  20. Looks yummy. How many did this recipe make?

  21. I had some leftover ingredients and made these cookies so these measurements won’t be exact meaning they might be a gram off. These were pretty good and are really crunchy considering they have oat fiber in them!

  22. I had some leftover ingredients and made these cookies so these measurements won’t be exact meaning they might be a gram off. These were pretty good and are really crunchy considering they have oat fiber in them!

  23. Woah this seems awesome! I love shopping anywhere like online and outside. My favorite thing has been browsing for new volume products I see on Reddit subs like I recently bought Kamut!

  24. hm something tells me u really like chocolate donut quest bars

  25. Update - it was alright. A bit too strangely sour at the back of my mouth? I think more sweetener next time might help, but it's definitely from the greek yogurt.

  26. yea the Greek yogurt flavor definitely is prominent so it relies more on extracts/flavorings. To me the pudding mixes aren’t very strong but I would say it’s good enough haha

  27. Thank you! I just noticed my body responds better to lower carbs, and I know some of the high density foods are breads like his French toast etc. I’m still doing my own research but wanted to pop in on here because I’ve only seen dudes doing this so far

  28. it might be because more carb=more water=more weight so I think if you want to eat more carbs you could?

  29. I more so do it for female health issues (pcos). With out getting into too much personal detail, when I eat lower carb (and the carbs I do eat are nutrient dense), my periods are more regular.

  30. oh I see haha everyone’s different! I hope it goes well for you and good luck!

  31. You blend it in bits. I have the same blender, try this. Blend for 45-60 seconds stop scrape the sides with a spoon and keep going until it reaches desired consistency usually takes 3-4 goes but depends on the day. I have had to do it upwards of 6 times. Hope this helps!

  32. I’ll give it a try next time, thanks!

  33. I’ve tried the black bean dip and it’s 11 cals for 2 tablespoons!

  34. Dumb question I'm sure, but I've never eaten anything like this — if you ate all of these in one sitting, would it sit in your belly like you'd eaten a can of beets, or like you'd eaten a sack of chips?

  35. haha I’m not exactly sure what that means but I would compare them to eating terra chips? They’re really crispy and taste like chips-just earthy beet flavored

  36. Yes they are! They’re so good! The chocolate ones are really good too but I can hardly ever find them

  37. I’ve never tried chocolate and they’re super cheap at ShopRite so I’ll definitely have to try them!

  38. I think they may be a little bit more cals, but not that big a difference

  39. Pita chips 50 cal for 1 oz by Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine but they’re pretty hard to find (I think)

  40. I just got some today too and it kinda reminds me of thick unsweetened almond milk

  41. I can only find the whole wheat version of these :( on all the sites that used to sell these it seems to be discontinued or something

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