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  1. Makes sense . Any ideas is it christian or pagan or what I mean it's not christian cross 100% bc of the shape.


  3. Oh... 100% thing 😅 I was joking 😐 ok I wasn't

  4. Too soon... Let them fix the game first... Then we can worry about getting mods that change KR into a woman so you can fuck him... her... hit.

  5. Can't wait to enter the Matrix

  6. Lighting a cigarette then throwing it after conversation that lasted 7 seconds.

  7. Haha I love horse maps, just equip a spear and a pike. So many cav players are so cocky, they'll run right into your spear, and then they're easy pickings

  8. Yes thats fun. I also like to throw stuff at horseman. Problem is when you lose a round and maybe two of your guys horses. Frist enemy is first at capturing the point because they are faster. Second they are faster to rotate. And third when there is more that one horse running at you , well you are not in a good place.

  9. That would be so fun but i think it's impossible because of the fast fowarding,pausing,entering the cities and all that stuff that stops time.


  11. Do you have the Vanilla Extended Vikings Faction mod installed?

  12. Thats from raid spam. Every single dog is raid for itself

  13. In slavic belif Svarog is sleeping and he made this world in his sleep and gave it to Perun. If he wakes all will end.

  14. I fucking hate drill gang

  15. Intention is everything. If you have found something that works for you and you have the belief it can then that is all you need. You can put anything on your altar that is meaningful for you. I say go for it :)

  16. I'm merely a baby witch, and practically a newborn at that! But my grandmother was incredibly wise and practised all her adult life.

  17. The question is can you make human burgers?

  18. One of those things that you see on reddit but then forget when you play

  19. I would like underhero. Thanks op

  20. I already have it but if i win i would give it to my gf kinda simp-ish but idc

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