1. Stian Carstensen and Jimmy Rosenberg? Thy did an album of duets. Most crazy playing I’ve ever heard.

  2. I agree with this. Critical services should not be held to ransom by unions. Such laws already exist in canada, spain and italy.

  3. So people should just be shafted at work and the public put at risk forever?

  4. I’ve been skipping updates since the one before 28 as I keep reading people are struggling after updating.

  5. Made a couple of small simple versions from 2x4 with cut sections of thick plastic water pipe as corner brackets. Covered with tarp.

  6. Where exactly did you find the =24 setting? I have similar issues with my 3900x.

  7. I can see a foxes face in the background of the first picture. No I’m not on mushrooms.

  8. What I’m envisioning would probably work best if you modified a standard 32 or 48 bass piano accordion. Would it be possible to get into the guts of one and redirect each button to certain specific groups of reeds?

  9. Not really. The bass notes are sounded by metal tabs engaging levers. You would have to start from scratch. You should look at some pictures and diagrams of how it is built. I’m not saying it’s impossible but you would have to remake a lot of components to fit exactly.

  10. Just Googled bamboo weed killer and got lots of easy to buy, cheap and easy to apply chemicals to kill it. Just do that.

  11. Perhaps the tenants could ask the agency to ask the landlords permission to kill the bamboo. Will only cost a few quid and a trip to the garden centre.

  12. I’ve been looking at the 3060 to pair with 3900x b550plus and this is just stupidly annoying. I assumed the 8gb would be better being newer and folks say the 12 can’t even use all 12. Anybody got a better suggestion. A 2 series?

  13. Been wondering the same. The 3060 is a good bit cheaper than 3070 but there is a 8gb version and a 12gb but people say the 12 doesn’t really use all its 12. It’s a minefield I can’t get my head around.

  14. I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder. Fucking driving me mad since 4:45am

  15. Ah, the latency - yes, thank you so much for this caution. That would really interfere with making music.

  16. The audio technica m50 have a swappable coil wire or very long normal wire which keeps it out of the way. Others may have the same. Just don’t get short coiled wire ones.

  17. It’s a good thing. It means we’re waking up to reality and so will be in a better position to help the rest wake up too.

  18. Sounded a bit that way. Can’t blame anyone but the system that creates this situation and those who maintain it for profit.

  19. Lol you must be the 3rd person I've seen on this thread that finds it impossible to blame the people in any shape or form.

  20. Got to get busy doing something out of the house. Volunteer or get some work. Hit the gym. Get a bike and go for miles.

  21. Nobody in the audience knows anything about the value of a bass head.

  22. It’s happened to people I know. Not even sketchy bars. In a busy room it’s easy for thieves.

  23. Try unplugging and replugging the usb cable. My Id14 gets pops and crackles if I don’t do that after switching on the pc.

  24. Yes go for it. I did the same. Piano - melodica busking - accordion busking - a career of accordion playing for 20 years. Only really coming back to the piano seriously now. The buttons are not difficult, easy chords are next to each other like CFG…

  25. This is probably a really ignorant question and I'm not trying to be rude. But, I was under the impression that the general public don't really like the sound of the accordion that much and probably won't be willing to give much money?

  26. Lol no that’s not true. I busked many years with the accordion and made as much as anyone else. It’s about the tunes and the attitude you give out.

  27. “Hello my name is corporal Price, I’m here to do your colonoscopy today. Open wide, put your tongue out and say ahh”

  28. No it’s not but it was before. Still doing it now unplugged. I wonder if it could have been corrupted by midi?

  29. I feel bad for the “unknown smaller man” on the wiki pic.

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