Pelosi steps down as House Democratic leader

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  1. I would make sure to schedule every single meeting in that room if I were a Democratic congresscritter.

  2. Well this sub made the news. I am neither a swiftie nor an ex Kanye fan. I’m just interested

  3. I mean…. Duh? The vaccines were made for the original virus. Of course it’s effectiveness is going to go down the more mutated the virus gets, that isn’t a gotcha moment, that’s basic science.

  4. Never said vaccines are bad, you bots like to strawman the shit outta this topic though. Its not murder if they died from covid lol otherwise this lady would be in jail on hundreds of murder sentences.

  5. Motherfucking five guys "BUt YoUR PayINg FOr QuALiTy!" No, no fast food fucking double cheeseburger should cost fucking 13 dollars

  6. I used to work at Five Guys and I shit you not, their whole deal is they aren’t fast food because they don’t have a drive through. They think of themselves as a sit down restaurant

  7. Thank god everyone here recognizes him too. I looked at the username and the first thing I said was “Where have I heard of this guy before?”

  8. They also mentioned they had difficulty talking, which means they probably fucked up their jaw.

  9. He got a high heel to the face, per a different article. She must’ve really got him, good for her

  10. It says “we’ll never reverse” in the title, but I didn’t really see any explanations for that in the article itself

  11. For a population to function, you need many different people of many different ages to do different jobs. When one generation decides not to have children as a whole, you see a domino effect. First, the companies that produce items for babies goes under. Then teachers start getting laid off. After that, a brain drain because there’s nobody to go to college. Finally, you have a labor shortage (that’s why the rich people are freaking out over this).

  12. Yeah this isn't even going to displace food. They'll just move a few items over so they can have a small selection of shit-tier wine like Barefoot.

  13. Respectfully, I don't think voting against certain restrictions surrounding the purchase of alcohol makes you a gross person that has the mindset of restricting other people's rights. I just don’t want to give more power to third party delivery apps because they are exploitative to the people who work for them

  14. Third party delivery driver here! I voted for this because I come from a state where it’s legal; our drunk driving deaths decreased significantly after it was legalized. Plus, more money for me since liquor deliveries have a higher base pay than food. In other words; I actually made more money delivering liquor than I do food.

  15. You have to pay for physio in Canada? Well that's barely socialised healthcare at all! scoffs in British

  16. Sad. That would be incredibly sad. An entire life of memories that were supposed to be preserved, gone.

  17. Not every pet reacts the same. I've gone to fireworks shows where people brought their dogs and they seemed to enjoy it as much as the people. I've also had a pet dog that had to be on Xanax the entire week of 4th of July.

  18. Now why would you even think this thought to type onto the screen?

  19. Someone cursed me with this knowledge, it’s my due diligence to pass it on

  20. Has there ever been a more self-loathing closeted gay man? I have never seen someone as pitiful. He is actively supporting the prejudices that have forced him to lie to himself his entire life. How pathetic.

  21. I was playing with ABC blocks when 9/11 hit. If anything, I think it sucks I’m not older because then I would’ve been able to vote against Regan. I’m not worried about ‘getting old’ though, so that might have something to do with it.

  22. No thanks. I might get hate for this, but I don’t buy food from people that don’t believe in refrigeration.

  23. Not to mention all the forced inbreeding, especially since the younger generation has been leaving in droves.

  24. A lot of the times the girls are way underage too, and if it comes to light it gets immediately covered up.

  25. They try and get ‘em pregnant young now; they can’t leave to see the real world when they come of age, if they’re already a mother.

  26. Yeah, and MAGAGAs lost midterms. They aren’t the majority, they’re just loonies

  27. Barely. And while, yes, they should have swept the midterms easily, rather than barely taking the House, we shouldn't write them off yet. There's still millions of them out there, and even if they can't win a fair election, they can still resort to mass shootings or other kinds of terrorism.

  28. Bruh I just found this while searching Reddit, and it’s gold. Thank you for your hard work

  29. male/female describes the sex, not the person. man/woman describes the person, not the sex. Hence why nature documentaries say male fish and not man fish.

  30. I apologize if I came off that way; I’m really exasperated with the whole thing, but I do want to understand and be respectful of others. That’s why I was asking like that; I’m trying to understand, not degrade.

  31. I was talking about men being referred to as men. There's a difference between male/female and men/women.

  32. I doubt it. To Trump being a loser is the worst thing you can be, he's not going to make one his VP unless he wants someone to blame if he loses.

  33. He already picked MTG anyway, there was announcement they were both mutually discussing it, not just MTG spouting bullshit.

  34. Imagine Greene debating Harris in the VP debate. It would be watching a train wreck carrying a car wreck all inside a dumpster fire

  35. Remember the train hitting the bus meme? That’s going to be debates. Harris will be asked a totally normal question, and MTG will pull a Trump and just yell over whatever Harris says.

  36. Is anyone else picking up on the comments having serious “Rest In Peace” vibes?

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