1. There's that $2900 coupe shell in big lake mn if you want to sink yourself into a money pit. Looks very clean but no rear or front subframes

  2. I would buy this if I wasn’t in Minnesota. Been looking for one for a while.

  3. Im in Duluth area, they are out there. You just have to be very fast with cash in hand.

  4. Wouldn't be my first 240 post without a floor jack underneath it.

  5. To my understanding they piloted this change in a few states a few years back and all the beer distros there went through the same growing pains. I expect our growing pains to be as bad or worse given this is happening nationwide at the same time now.

  6. WI liquor store owner. I've seen it time and time again. Beer guys can't be liquor guys and liquor guys cant be beer guys. It just doesn't work. I do not allow it in my store. Fortunately the beer guys just carry truck fillers for rual bars/stores that can't make minimum orders from sipirts distributors.

  7. I honestly wonder how many of these Miller/Coors Distributors didn't even WANT this but are forced to put on a smile and swell their overhead and warehouse.

  8. I don't see this working out for them. Forceful things in this industry never turn out well.

  9. If you dont mind, how much did the process cost to fix it?

  10. He was a mutual friend who did it for $300, of course I had to tip him. All he did was buff it and add compound.

  11. If you like the 12 try to find Highland Park Cask Strength. Either release is awesome!!

  12. Other guy doesn't know how to internet. Get some fancy jdm wheels.

  13. I remember when shelves looked like this. You didn't even flinch at seeing bottles of this nature. Everything sat, nobody knew what bourbon was going to be in years to come. I've bought multiple bottles of van winkle in those years with leaving many on the shelf without even thinking buying more than one at a time.

  14. You can also get in trouble as a retailer for putting your own wax and stickers on products. You're altering the approved product appearance. It happened to a store and they lost the entire product. Big ouch.

  15. Start with 101 and you'll appreciate rare breed that much more.

  16. I’ve toured Buffalo Trace a couple of times and they always admit that 70% of the flavor comes from the barrel. They don’t use this guy, but they talk at length about how they only use one company and only the highest char level for consistency. And they have their own inspection process when the barrels come in because of how important they are to the flavor.

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