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  1. Oof I’ve developed this in the last year and it can literally send me into a depressive state some days. I miss the quiet.

  2. I'm "fortunate?" Mine is a drone/hearing the blood pump in my ear.

  3. Night on the tequila, drunk girlfriend who thought best to sleep with her head near the doorway. Woke up wanting to vom and forgetting her cunning plan, dove to the back of the tent and spewed rancid tequila chunks all over my face/bedding and clothes bag. Horroific and traumatic...haha.

  4. Oof, I had a cold and was drinking dayquil shots along with beer and I woke up early in the morning and JUST managed to open the door and spew under the vestibule. I pulled my tent stakes and slid it over 10ft and piled pine duff onto the spew. Then jumped back into the tent and slept

  5. Closing outdoor spaces at the same time as schools. I’m sorry, the PARK is closed? Hiking trails are closed? National parks are closed? WHY?!

  6. The national forests closed too, I drove 6hrs to go camping/fishing only to arrive in the forest, and it was closed. They closed the outside, the outdoors, the fucking wild was closed.

  7. Also don't buy the first thing on the shelf, don't buy a box thats been opened without opening it yourself.

  8. I cleaned out the refrigerator, and may take a mental health trip to the bar for a burger around other humans.

  9. It's strange tho, the guy doesn't fight back at all. Almost takes a stance to help the strangulation.. Im just sayin, wouldn't you all like, drop to the floor, or start flailing your arming wildly? Something besides just stand there??

  10. We don't kink shame here, finish first, then defend yourself.

  11. Yup, it's Unix timestamps using signed 32bit integers that will cause an overflow error on the 19th of January 2038 in systems that measure time using Unix time.

  12. Don't. Don't get my hopes up, just to break my heart.

  13. If you didn't stall or spin the wheels it's not a problem.

  14. In my experience with a subaru all wheel drives do the opposite they stand up rather than squat. But that was a '04 model. Ymmv

  15. i feel like everyone else is speaking a different english than i am

  16. No everyone else knows one language and some English.

  17. But it used to be cheaper, it's selling point has always been that it's cheaper than normal meat.

  18. With all the uncertainty stuff going on a lot of people are stockpiling it. Driving the price up.

  19. I feel like the kind of person to put a gun up their coochie probably doesn't think about gun safety.

  20. Meanwhile I'm over here wondering about her snagging on the front sight. Must have been a nice cc gun.

  21. If you are attractive the magnet grabs you, so I know where you stand.

  22. I mean I havent "made it" but I'm in better place than many.

  23. Hitler and the nazis gave the symbol a bad name, The symbol existed far before the nazis came into existence

  24. I work with this guy who has a skin condition, not sure what it is I don’t think even he knows tbh because he’s the type of person who will not go to the doctors. Anyway fair enough he’s got a skin condition where it’s flakey.

  25. My coworker uses the shop air to blow his shoulder/hair/surrounding area clean :(

  26. I was just out checking the male, get it checking the male?

  27. Why not like a circular blade with sharp fine teeth? Seems like the bone would splinter and get messy a lot with shears.

  28. I use to make surgical tools, we made oscillating saws for this procedure kind of like

  29. Going on 10hrs here, drink some water as a treat. Please.

  30. I thought it said chickens, and was like ! you God damn right i want chickens! but no the local zoning doesn't allow it

  31. They said they mistook us for wild boars, as the feeder spot was close by (we haven't noticed). We def weren't in their line of fire... I just wonder: if they had to use a heat cam to spot us, why would the orange color be of any use?

  32. The orange would not help with thermal cams, there may be IR reflective patches you can add.

  33. I've never even heard of red rice but the comments section is filled with red rice experts.

  34. I've heard of red rice, but its white rice with el pato sauce lol

  35. Ypu should check your plumbing. Perhaps you are getting a low dose of led poisoning from your tap. Or you switched diet?

  36. Most of Arizona is new construction now so there's less lead issues. There are regulations, but older areas may have lead pipes.

  37. Oh thats good. Im not American so I shouldnt pretend like i know stuff anyways. Anyhow: They say that environmental allergies often can develop later in life as you get exposed to new allergens. But I dont know how that would work in the desert. There is also around a 100 000 new chemicals used in society in the last few decades which is part of why there is a record high number of allergic people now. I know that my uncle is allergic to pollen but the symptoms decrease when not eating meat or dairy. Also avoiding sugar helps and try eat sour food like sourkraut to help prevent more allergies.

  38. Back in time they sent people here to the desert because of the lack of humidity and cleaner air, it helped tuberculosis symptoms.

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