1. Did you ever figure anything out for this?

  2. The symbol thing actually worked. It still remains dynamic text contrary of the name of the tool.

  3. I wrote a like 8+ page essay for fun breaking down how Niantic's goals for the game aren't being met.

  4. Did you post it anywhere? I’m intrigued and would love to read it!

  5. Would be fun if they eventually introduced a leaderboard of some sort that recorded the worldwide smallest/largest found.

  6. Let’s get a post raid DPS/damage leaderboard first

  7. This guy has never heard of an event pokemon. Wait till you realize people can buy remote passes to increase the change of getting a shiny legendary!

  8. Tell that to my 0/62 Origin Giratina & 0/45 Terrakion 😭

  9. Model Record: 40-43-2 | Profit: 2.39u | ROI: 2.81%

  10. Model Record: 40-43-2 | Profit: 2.39u | ROI: 2.81%

  11. Here’s the name trick, you can only use it once:

  12. Ah yes, the famous Chinese actor specialized in martial arts called Mike tyson

  13. Model Record: 38-43-2 | Profit: -0.03u | ROI: -0.04%

  14. Expanding data set to previous 25 games per venue up from 10

  15. Looked like a positive day but some brutal losses and throws last night. On to the next. BOL to all!

  16. Model Record: 36-33-1 | Profit: 7.12u | ROI: 10.17%

  17. Model Record: 34-33-1 | Profit: 5.51u | ROI: 8.10%

  18. Yeah gotta wait for shake confirmation in those fast catches normally. Annoying for sure

  19. Not sure if you can describe this via text but if you can I’m genuinely curious as this is the first time I’ve formally seen anyone make mention of this.

  20. Vancouver Canucks - Power Ranking: 22 (1478) @ Winnipeg Jets Power Ranking: 4 (1561)

  21. Real tough break yesterday. BOL today to all!

  22. New York Rangers - Power Ranking: 11 (1535) @ New Jersey Devils Power Ranking: 9 (1541)

  23. Omggg you rule. Red was the best btw :)

  24. No problem hope you get some good cards! I just picked it up at a local store. It’s so great, traded a couple cards for it and I forgot how addicting it is!

  25. Model Record: 29-27-1| Profit: 7.06u | ROI: 12.39%

  26. Put some work in today because my starting goalie data broke so I had to change data sources. Good news is I learned a bunch and found some dope new data so that should help long-term. Went ahead and updated my record since posting, although I did miss one day. Model has more favorable results with dogs, so I started taking heavy favorites -1 instead. This typically ends up with even odds and has worked out so far.

  27. One of the most common problems with 'importxml' occurs when people try to import from websites that uses scripts to load data. Sheets doesn't load scripts for security reasons. You may also run into performance issues if you're trying using lots of imports to fetch small amounts of data and it's likely these can be consolidated. Check out the

  28. New Jersey Devils - Power Ranking: 5 (1630) @ Detroit Red Wings Power Ranking: 21 (1519)

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