1. "Yes but I'm 12 and I don't have $200 which is worth like $10 billion in 1996 money."

  2. When the PS3 came out my mom gave me like $600 to buy two if I could so we could give the extra one to a friend. I remember duct taping my jean pockets shut so I wouldn’t lose the money. That $600 might as well have been a billion to a 15 year old.

  3. I really think this whole team is tight. Seems like a lot of good chemistry everywhere which is always important.

  4. They’re mostly books and clothes I want I just leave the tabs open so i can eventually buy them lol

  5. Glue golf tees in the holes, cut flush and re-insert the screws.

  6. Agreed. I’ve done this multiple times and it works great.

  7. How is this online when there isn't a single user on defense?

  8. He’s clearly usering the MLB, watch him after the ball is snapped. Probably has to do with the Dolphins M Factor.

  9. I’m not a huge collector so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but are some cards not graded on centering? I can clearly see the white border on the left side is larger than the right.

  10. Jealous. I put in for 7 permits this year and last and didn’t get any. I was on a hot streak for a few years too.

  11. I don't even know where to check. Where would I find that info? Been wanting to know how my application landed as well.


  13. Is there really no way at all to fucking watch the game from NY?

  14. I try to defend our fan base when I can but shit like this makes it hard.

  15. I soured on Schultz last year. Idk what it is, maybe the drops or fumbles but I just don’t want him back next year. Would rather take a risk on some rookies at this point.

  16. Good, now we're back to having the best TE in the NFC. Only two above Schultz right now would be Andrews and Kelce

  17. I saw that picture of Dawson smoking this morning and it reminded me of it. Tom Brady can smoke all he wants, idc. I just couldn’t remember if it happened or not and was curious.

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