1. PIs run their own labs. In some countries (Italy, France, China), assistant professors are not necessarily PIs. In US/Canada, I've seen a few (very rare but increasingly common) who are not PIs as well, but most are.

  2. It depends what you meant by lab. Most science PIs are going to have labs in the sense of research groups, aka grad students and post docs and others they work with and are leading. They may or may not need an actual lab space.

  3. ohhhhh yeah that would probably be the case for this professor. Very good information here thank you

  4. Wow I talked about this exact thing when I was dating my ex. Now we don't talk anymore. I should reach back out to him in maybe 10 years and ask if he wants to be friends. I don't like it when people just leave my life either. It's so sad to just let relationships fade away when they used to be so important to me

  5. You sound so much like myself! I used to think about reaching out to previous loved ones after a certain period of time.

  6. dang thanks for reminding me of synchronicities. I almost forgot we live in a spiritual world spending the last couple days reading papers lol. I try to tell myself that everything happens for me not to me, so yeah if somebody's meant to come into my life and our paths are supposed to intersect again then you're right they sure will. If not I can just talk to them again in the afterlife when everything is figured out and I understand why they came into my life in the first place and stuff. P.S. they're definitely not the one that needs to be forgiven lol, though I do wish they had more faith and thought that maybe I could change a bit faster than people normally do. If so I think we might've been pretty good friends rn. Anyway, always a good reminder to appreciate the here and now so thanks for that too. That's definitely one thing I'm struggling with. Best of luck to you as well, it was nice having a stranger share my sentimentalities lol

  7. 30 mins of rowing is only going to burn 200-400 calories a day depending on how much you weigh and how hard you push it.

  8. so this is why people say weight loss is 90% diet. Cuz a piece of cake is equal to an hour of a moderately intense workout. I get it now. Thank you!

  9. Honestly, if you're not going to exert a little self-control and start moderating, you're not going to lose weight. If you're eating and drinking even 300 calories above what you need to maintain your current weight, you're not going to stop the weight gain with a rowing machine, much less lose weight.

  10. Yeah I don’t usually trust anyone who writes books about their experience for profit.

  11. I wouldn’t trust Nanci but Lynda is a pretty genuine person. Just check out her YouTube videos

  12. If spirit guides exist, where do they reside? The astral realm?

  13. I think there are multiple layers of heaven and spirit guides might reside on specific layers? Idk, never thought about this

  14. Does this 3 days include the weekend? So they haven't replied to you in less than one work day? Easier said than done, but chillax.

  15. Nah, workdays. She replied to the first email really fast too. Idk, I’ll take y’all’s word for it and shoot her an email by the end of the week. Hopefully she’ll get back to me

  16. No need to try and guess why you haven't gotten a reply in 3 days. Just follow up after a week or so and reiterate your interest and mention your timeframe for holding the position is flexible.

  17. Yeah I think I’m thinking too much about this. Will do what you said. Thank you 🙏

  18. I would just prioritize what professors you want to email. Look at the basic research topics of everyone in your department and see which sound the coolest. You should also see if you’re interested in the work of any professors you’ve already had, as it’ll be easier if they already know you. That way you probably won’t have to email 50 professors.

  19. You can email as many faculty as you want for an undergraduate RAship, but likely there are better avenues. For example, their lab websites might have posts available, so start there. Also, does your school have undergraduate research for credit? My uni does. Finally, I encourage you not to just email everybody -- their research will likely be very different from one another, so do take some time to narrow it down to research that you really find interesting. Emailing everybody then saying "actually nevermind" to most of them when you find a lab you like could be mitigated with up front research, not just on their lab web pages but reading a few of their publications or seeking out videos of talks/seminars they have given on their work.

  20. This makes a lot of sense. I feel better about taking a whole day to email one professor now lol. Probably will take longer based on the approach you're suggesting but it should be worth it for professors whose research I'm interested in. For some reason the idea of reading multiple abstracts from one professor just didn't pop in my head? Currently looking at the research of one assist. professor as well and I am just so incredibly interested in what she's doing. Going to go for quality over quantity for sure. Thank you for your reply!

  21. PhD candidate here. All universities are different, but at mine that would be wasted effort. Our department has a coordinator who assigns all the RAs and TAs. So emailing our profs wouldn’t work because it’s literally not in their control.

  22. dang, hope they let me know if that's the case then. That policy seems kinda weird though so hopefully that's not how it works in this university. Intimidated about emailing profs from the two other T20 universities in my area lol

  23. I can’t do that because I’m already in school. Do you think it helped or hurt you?

  24. I have dedicated my life to animals, i volunteer and donate

  25. I think our best bet is the lab grown meat industry. I think they’re going to be cost competitive soon aka the same price as normal meat. At that point people would just have no reason to support factory farming anymore. Let’s just hope we reach that point sooner rather than later

  26. Holy ducking shit… so this is why I was a fucked up human being for 21 years. This is fucking crazy. I can’t believe an article just explained my life

  27. i think "and i came accross your recent research paper which found that..." would work better. you could also use other phases, its just that repeating 'found' twice is making it a bit weird😅

  28. The prof replied super fast and said I can work in his lab in April! Kinda far out but thank god I at least found a lab that’ll take me lol. Sorry that I couldn’t make the edits that you told me and thanks sm for your input! I felt like my email sounded fake until I read it like 5 times lol. Thanks again!!

  29. Oh congrats, thats amazing! dont worry, april will be here in no time😉 about the edits- its fine, those were just minor things. have a good day!

  30. From my position, I didn't include a cover letter because I didn't have anything really to put on it that was relevant (besides classes taken). People (grad students and post-docs) who have applied to my lab for full time positions (like a lab tech) do attach resume's/cover letters.

  31. Yay! No cover letter it is then. I’ll just put more effort into understanding their research interests, should be good 👍

  32. Good luck! Also just some advice is that I've never been the best at understanding research papers, so trying to understand exactly what each lab's research was exactly was quite difficult. Instead I tried to just get a general theme.

  33. Good point! Thankfully that’s already what I’m doing lol. Being too specific in the email feels a bit pretentious and forced too which is why I don’t do it. Thanks for the advice!

  34. a little confused since you say two gap years 'as a sophmore' but then 'before i jump into college.' Makes a difference: gap years before college is fine/easy to do. Taking it while already a student is not, especially 2 years. You will need to demonstrate reasons for you why would need a leave from school (health issues, big life circumstances, etc.)--not a simple thing to do.

  35. I think I’m just going to say I’m taking time off to consider whether I want to do med school. Usually premeds come into my college already deciding that they’re doing med. It’s going to be annoying doing post-bacc programs to make up for my premed requirements so I think that reason would work. And yeah I think how long my gap years would be would probably depend on the type of research gig that I get. Hopefully I can get a good one, even if I don’t take two gap years I still have eight months to go until I get back to school

  36. Whether it's the spirit world or your subconscious (if there's a difference between the two), I'm seeing a clear message that you need to start setting an alarm and sticking to it.

  37. Already reading books on love and definitely going to take your advice as well. I’ve been wanting to do loving kindness meditations but I forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder! I really think my spirit guides are communicating with me through my dreams and that I’m getting scary ones just because they want to tell me I’m sleeping too late. Recorded my dreams last night and they went from “insight about love” dream to “person is being hunted down and abducted” dream. They didn’t get that bad today because I woke up relatively earlier. But yeah, I think I just need to start waking up at 6am and I’ll be good

  38. I don’t think I’m getting too warm. I think I’m just sleeping too much. Will start waking up at 6am, wish me luck 👍

  39. "How do we reconcile these religious visions? I can understand why NDEs may appear religious, but visionary experiences are more spontaneous, unexpected and come across as a gift from above, so I'm having a harder time understanding them"

  40. This question makes little sense since, as another poster stated, you do not choose a specialty when applying to medical school, nor do residencies really care what clinical activities you do before medical school. The reason premeds recommend EMT is because clinical experience is necessary for a successful app, and EMT is one of those ways a premed can accrue clinical experience.

  41. I asked because I thought my personal statement would probably be about wanting to be a psychiatrist so I thought maybe that wouldn’t match up with the responsibilities of doing EMT. Didn’t know that EMTs also encounter mental health crises. According to what you’re saying though I probably don’t really have the right idea of what the application is about? I haven’t really done my research yet but yeah thanks for the response. I think I’ll go ahead and do EMT! From what everyone is saying, it seems like I’ll have to shadow different doctors and consider different specialties regardless of whether I just want to be a psychiatrist or not, so yeah it gave me a good mental idea

  42. I think it's def good you're thinking about a narrative for your application this early on. It definitely helps your application to have a cohesive, insightful narrative. IMO there's for sure ways to talk about your EMT experience in a way that is compatible with your interest in psychiatry. Helping people through their medical emergencies and comforting them along the way is full of opportunities for that sort of writing. It can absolutely serve as a talking point in your personal statement.

  43. Wow I never thought of this before. This is really nuanced. Definitely going to take your advice and change the narrative of my statement so that it’s more mature. Thanks sm for taking the time to give me this advice! Everything you said was super helpful, gonna be mentally jotting this down lol

  44. Hi Okay, there are just some lines that are just too extraneous, too wordy so i will list the parts here that you can trim out:

  45. Lol it's great but here are 11 edits. Jokes aside this is super helpful tysm!!

  46. Yes. With the same amount of exercise, you would probably continue losing weight. I would say maybe try 1850 as your calorie target once you get to your goal weight. It’s not possible to know exactly what your maintenance calories will be, so you could start from there and keep tracking your weight. If you’re still losing, add 100 more calorie. If you start gaining, eat 100 less. It will probably take some trial and error.

  47. Eventually, your maintenance calories would be equal to 1700 minus your exercise. I recommend recalculating your maintenance calories once you reach your goal weight. You might also want to figure out what amount of exercise will be sustainable in the long term. Once you know your new weight and sustainable activity level, you can determine a new calorie target.

  48. I think my maintenance calories would be 1600 after I reach my goal weight. If I keep exercising at a 500 calorie deficit every day, does that just mean I should eat 500 more calories every day to stay at maintenance level? If not, I would just keep losing weight right?

  49. Honestly, just delete the objective. It's outdated.

  50. As I understand it, in the spiritual plane it is very hard to grow. Once incarnated in this world, the soul needs to constantly fight the animal nature of this sophisticated monkey we inhabit. For example, it must be easy to be kind and feel compassion in the spiritual world, whereas once incarnated in a body souls feel hunger, need shelter, have the need to fit in socially like other animals do, our ego pulls us in other directions too. All this makes it much harder to exercise kindness, compassion, selfless love, etc. because we this body's needs that pulls us to be fulfilled first

  51. Wow this makes so much sense actually. As a child I’ve mentally made so much fucked up decisions that ultimately led to me having terrible depression and anxiety and generally just being a bad person. These thoughts and decision making really came out of nowhere though. For so long I’ve been thinking about whether I’m just a low level soul because of me being a bad person, or whether this is a soul challenge because now for the rest of my life I’ll have to deal with the problem of how can I make myself kind and loving despite who I used to be. Or how do I turn a person with a bad nature into a good one. With your explanation, I realized that I did pick this challenge. My soul has probably gradually overtaken the ruthless personality of this animalistic human body which is why I think of so many things I’ve said in the past and cringe so hard and can’t believe that I said them. That person really seems like an entirely different person than me and she probably is because that was the human and now I’m my soul. Thanks so much for helping me clear up this long-running question I had!

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