1. 🙄 you got me! Thanks for being the first person to make this observation about a username I chose! ZING!

  2. What’s worse: knocking up a serial killer or being Paul Ryan?

  3. Honestly, with the lack of off-days, I’m going dads. Dodgers at their best beat anyone else. Flying a bunch on game days is rough.

  4. Are you her supervisor or something lmao? You're talking about this like she's a real person handling an actual court case. It's a 30-minute episode comicbook superhero TV show. They needed a scene where Matt outplays Jen in court and this satisfied that thoroughly. Matt could've been the better lawyer by asking about fuels beforehand too, but he didn't, he used his weird super-nose to smell the jet fuel in think of the idea in court, because it's a.. yadda-yadda.

  5. If you search hard enough, you'll probably find a well-rated legal show or two at some point in history, maybe.

  6. Well-rated doesn’t mean accurate. I practiced law for a long time. I can tell you that no one gets it right.

  7. I was a little hinky just because Gilead usually assigns these kids pretty biblical names, and "Jaden" sounded pretty modern, but maybe they didn't change the names for some of the older adopted kids?

  8. Googled it; “The name Jaden is of Hebrew origin and means "God heard." It is a modern variation of the biblical name Jadon, but lately the newer variation, Jayden, has become more popular.”

  9. Honestly I think if this was somehow real life with a Hulk in it, when people realize what was being done to her she’d have a lot of sympathy coming her way

  10. I wish I shared your optimism, but watching what's happened to women who had their "sex tapes" (unconsenting revenge porn) distributed online, I find myself a bit more cynical.

  11. I see that as two separate issues. One being the tape itself, and the other is seeing the ramifications play out on video. Seeing her freak out and get violent because she’s being traumatized would probably hit different for most people than watching porn of a woman that’s a stranger and they see zero actual emotional consequences.

  12. You’d hope that would be the case. You’d be wrong. People would watch it. They’d judge her for “allowing” it to happen. Remember when all the celebrity women’s nudes leaked online? It was seen as hilarious. It got a fun nickname (“the fappening” iirc). It was an absolutely grotesque, disturbing invasion of privacy, and the result was to blame the women who took (personal, private) photos in the first place.

  13. I keep seeing people say stuff like this. What’s the theory here? That they’ve just come up with new stuff that MLB somehow doesn’t know about/doesn’t test for?

  14. Yeah, I saw Bonds and McGwire in person a few times. They looked like comic book drawings. It was deranged. Aaron Judge has pretty normal proportions, he's just 7 feet tall or whatever.

  15. I'm not here to say any one particular dude is or was on PEDs or not. BUT, it IS fair to say that personal trainers have come to the conclusion that you really don't have to be built like Mr. Olympus to smash dingers. The (relatively) smaller sizes of today's hitters could just as easily be interpreted as adhering to a different juicing goal as it could be to not juicing. Famed seat-occupier Lance Armstrong, as one example, was on every drug except moon rocks, and he didn't exactly look like a MMA cage fighter. It's a question of which muscles you work how hard, and better training focuses on just those muscles necessary to achieve your particular athletic aims. You won't see another Giambi because it's not necessary to look like that in order to clear the fence. But that doesn't mean Player X isn't juicing.

  16. I’m not going to disagree with you on this one. These guys walk a constant line between being out of the game and signing a hundred million dollar deal, I don’t doubt a lot of them are taking some risks. Pro sports are a mindfuck.

  17. I do like scooby-doo, hell I grew up on it.

  18. Yes, I’m so sorry they recut all of the old scooby doo episodes to make them woke. Truly a shame.

  19. I honestly don't care about that woke stuff and all that (I don't live in the US)

  20. It’s scooby doo, man. If you don’t want to watch the new one, don’t watch it. The old stuff will all be there, exactly the same as it always was.

  21. How was I not aware of this? Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson? Guess my plans for tonight just fell into place.

  22. Excited for you! Detroiters is truly a delightful experience, the only bad part is it only got 2 seasons.

  23. This whole conversation is why I stay on reddit. Just people stoked for someone to be into something they love.

  24. Will any of these "illegals" be giving away weed? Asking for a friend who might want to suit up and make the rounds this year.

  25. A couple years ago that was the big one. Teaching parents how to identify packs of weed gummies. Because people are just handing out expensive edibles to children they’ll never see again.

  26. If you watch one (1) Fox News, you know that illegals are buying houses in your suburbs, amassing fentanyl (which the cops will tell you is deadly if you touch it but somehow they’re immune) all so that on Halloween they can put it in your child’s plastic Jack o lantern.

  27. I enjoy it for what it is. It's funny enough and provides a nice lighthearted half-hour of content.

  28. Ms. Marvel's pretty good, fyi. I'm not the target audience either and I found it delightful.

  29. I enjoyed it enough. My 9 year old girl fucking loved it though, and is dressing as her for Halloween

  30. Shouldn't that also be a reason against sitting as a senator?

  31. Emphatically yes. I don’t think Feinstein should be there either. The senate is enough of a mess without actual brain damage running around.

  32. We keep trying to give him the excuse of CTE but that doesn't explain Trump or his fellow cruel and fucked up Republicans.

  33. It doesn't explain him either! Listen, I can have compassion for people who have suffered brain damage, but that doesn't mean I want them in the fuckin Senate. The IQ of that place is sus enough as it is.

  34. Honestly, depending on what you're doing and what you're getting paid, you're probably misclassified as an exempt employee and should be hourly. "Paying by the day" isn't really a thing.

  35. I mean, I won’t get paid an hourly rate for every additional hour. It’s just for the set times of 8am - 3:30. I could bust my ass for an extra hour or two deep cleaning the place and my agency will not pay me for it. My clock stops at 3:30, they don’t care about voluntary slavery I engage in after work. It’s a set payment. That’s what I meant.

  36. Yeah, that's illegal. If your employer "suffers or permits" you to work, they have to pay you for the time, unless you're salaried exempt.

  37. Anyone upset over this is not old enough to remember President Lyndon B. Johnson.

  38. I feel this is an opportune place to drop the eternal classic: LBJ orders pants:

  39. A replacement level team is expected to win 47.6 games. Trout and ohtani, even when healthy, combine for less than 20 war, giving the replacement level angels a record of under 67 wins

  40. Ok, fair, I exaggerated a bit. My point about them being a fucking shitshow remains, though.

  41. Literally just replacement level players plus Ohtani and Trout would be a goddamned juggernaut. This team is a mess.

  42. I have a coworker who used to take the Amtrak with Joe and he told me that Joe curses a lot. I think that's cool. Joe is my fucking president. Fuck Donald Trump. He can suck a big D.

  43. Literally every single politician curses a lot. Except maybe Jimmy Carter. It’s awesome tbh.

  44. Mother doesn’t allow Mike Pence to curse.

  45. You’re telling me that man didn’t drop an f-bomb or 3 when his boss was trying to get him murdered?

  46. I feel like they are using her as a handmaid, like Gilead might take custody of the baby. These people are married, mother and father, the baby is better off with them right?

  47. Hard agree. I’m a daredevil fan but it’s more fun if Matt’s learning something too.

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