1. Stay out of Columbus proper (including zip codes of other Cities that are still Columbus) and you will be fine. Columbus itself is going downhill while most other areas are flourishing in Central Ohio.

  2. Columbus had its fastest growth in history the past decade. This is either trolling or ignorant.

  3. What does growth have to do with crime, safety and services? Columbus proper sucks in all those categories, just search this sub

  4. Dublin, near Muirfield, is decent, it was bad during these past two years of course, just like any other establishment.

  5. I hit this place for lunch every now and again and always quick service

  6. Then as soon as CPD shoots one, this sub will be plastered with excessive force/racism comments

  7. Any Walmart. I still find myself going from time to time for certain things or out of convenience, but mumble to myself "Why??" every time. Dirty, clientele, no service whatsoever, one register open always (and that is an octigenarian who cant hardly move). But the cheapskate in me takes over and i keep going back.

  8. but wait... couldn't you have made a sub yourself but chose not to?

  9. So what is your wage paying you for? You get paid at least minimum, correct? It sounds like you don't wait tables.

  10. my wage pays for my time & labor working to provide the product available. Which means coming in early before customers get there, staying late, washing everything and maintaining the workspace.

  11. Looks interesting... did it just open? FB has a couple reviews but are very recent


  13. The fence thing can also be governed by City Code as well as HOA...mostly the height/type

  14. Personally, I think there's at least a medium-low risk of a loss at some point. If you can't afford to lose it, don't put it in. I mainly use it as my place to park cash that I intend to invest at a later point or when a good opportunity comes up (e.g. market correction, specific offering).

  15. Yeah, I don't like having money locked up like that, not currently anyway

  16. Be right up there with all the praise they're giving him for bringing down gas prices.

  17. Because he didn't (nor was he at fault for them going up, aside for maybe how hard democrats make it to drill for oil or permit a new refinery)

  18. Plain City is a town/city in its own right, it won't be annexed anymore than Marysville or longer term West Jefferson or London. It's not Amity, which absolutely will be absorbed by Dublin/Hilliard if it hasn't already. I haven't checked in quite a few years, so honestly Amity might not even technically exist by now.

  19. How you figure? Their boundries don't even touch. Pretty rare for one City to "annex" another...usually Cities annex Township land

  20. Lowes/HD will do for free. Also if you have a contractor in mind, Famous Supply does them for free as well. Any architect should also be able to do it (for a fee)

  21. Bet no affordable housing. They call it 'affordable' but truly isn't

  22. Im curious, who would you like to fund "affordable housing"? A developer purchased/optioned land, will find investors (who are taking a risk), and will attempt to charge the highest rents the project can bear. Why? So the investors can be paid a return for their risk. If rents fall, investors likely to lose money (because building costs are so high). Government almost always has to be involved in "affordable" housing because there is taxpayer funded incentives involved... that is the only way to get such things built. Another scenario is a defunct project purchased at 0.50 on the dollar (for example) and rented at lower rates, although even in that case there are probably investors and the project will attempt to get "market" rents. There are very few, if any, developers/investors willing to either lose money or make minimal returns just to build "affordable" housing.

  23. Not sure why they don't ship by rail, would think easier/cheaper

  24. I meant in like a flat car...not running on the tracks, long distance and it seems this is a fairly common occurance. But i am sure people smarter than me know what they are doing (although it is government)

  25. AAA might if you have that...otherwise, how hard can it be?? Batteries plus along with any auto parts store sells them...if you can jump it to get it there, they will probably install too

  26. I get these all the time, several a day. My phone filters most out as spam.

  27. lol yeah this is the guy everyone keeps complaining about and was the cause of all the signs in old Hilliard. He got shut down at a city meeting when he said the city could do all this stuff against code and then the city called him out on it. He wants to tear down most of Norwich St. and put in multi story buildings all over main street and norwich.

  28. Article makes it sound like he got what he wanted with Airbnb (signs).

  29. I can only help with the estate sale piece. These guys are good and have great google reviews to back it up.

  30. I have been to several of these, i like the setup from buyer side

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