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  1. Oh man, this is awkward. So I got up nice and close to my pop filter for the whistle.. and after a few takes, I noticed a tingle on my lips. I ignored it at first thinking it was probably just some fatigue from pursing my lips for so long. But then the tingles grew stronger, and the pop filter actually started fluttering on its own. So weird! Next thing I know, I'm making out with my pop filter. We're really going at it, like two horny middle schoolers that have never been intimate before. My arm is cradling the erect neck of the pop filter, my shitty recorded whistle part is looping in Logic, acting as the romantic soundtrack to this odd yet beautiful moment. I can't help but think of all the moments that my pop filter has heard me belting out vocals to my tracks. The raw and unfiltered emotion that I've poured out into her has been noticed all along. She understands me better than any human woman ever could. She KNOWS me. She knows what note my voice starts to crack at. She's heard my improvised takes when I've forgotten my own lyrics. Silly me. But she doesn't care. Poppy and I are meant to be. We are in love. Thank you

  2. i just wanted some tips on recording whistling bro wtf

  3. oh dawggggggggggg there are so many good repackers out there, why just fitgirl

  4. huh okay, well I used to use DODI, rg mechanics, xatab (before he died), darck, voksi (before he got caught), rg catalyst, so on. edit: Mr DJ too (cant believe I forgot him, but he's retired now)

  5. dawg we'd just play a shooter game instead

  6. Bandwidth sharing is completely different from mining

  7. you seem to have been expertly pranked by our extremely clever commenter here

  8. The MOBO came with a bundle I bought so I wouldn't mind replacing that, but I already have the i7 from last cyber monday, been waiting for GPUs for forever lol. I've heard the TI isn't as good for gaming as the 3060.

  9. bro straight lied to you fam idk where they got that from

  10. why do different subs exist, anyway? fuck it let's just post stuff we like wherever we like

  11. dawg we talking about this man having little to no reference point to how the clothes look on a male. take a second to realize that you got from there to DO MEN NEVER GET RJERHHJEHSF fam just calm down its not that deep

  12. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but I swear mens clothing reviews are mostly women wearing the clothes.

  13. I'm sure the 3 people who ever even heard of this repacker are very sad.

  14. they're decently known. not sure how so many people are unaware of them.

  15. Fuck you, you redneck, i hope that every time you stub your toe you stub it again the day before it heals, over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  16. haha you know youre a Dooo fan when you immediately recognize where this quote is from lol

  17. that's crazy dawg what exactly is her username (I need to see if you're telling the truth)

  18. Brazzers (you have to pay for it bozo 🤡)

  19. Jarvis I get no bitches and people call me annoying in real life, make a meme to take it out on minority groups for me

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