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  1. I'm colorblind, what's the difference between normal and problems with the GI tract?

  2. OP likes to record himself doing shitty things to people he find on the streets and post it on reddit for attention

  3. also it seems at the end of every collab event there's a guaranteed uber for 2 banners

  4. I never understood why dragons take girls in the first place,like,what are they gonna do to them?

  5. the dragons take girls so the knights can "slay" them and rescue the girls. that's why you often see dragons sleeping on piles of gold

  6. Thanatos is an primordial being. but His power is lesser than Ares.

  7. I think the joke is, that it does change if you derive to y

  8. that's not something I ever expected to hear

  9. I can't believe that they got out of bed and decided this is how I'm going to get my point across


  11. Anyone who willingly has Sex with a person like her must have some sort of mental dissability

  12. the game's online functionality is currently being migrated to a new system so the game will be inaccessible for a while. just wait about a week and it should be back

  13. I always thought of it as like… if you have a bug on your body or something it’s pretty hard to concentrate

  14. Just name one of them rest I'll do it myself.

  15. I prefer kerosene and a match but not next to my house like this.

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