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  1. Honestly, this is why I use Google Earth a lot. I like to wander around in street view and the idea of how huge the world is is almost calming. My problems feel very small.

  2. Yes. I always wonder what they're thinking. it's adorably peaceful.

  3. what would you rate it using the rubric? and do you think this essay would have potential to address Baldwin's ideas if I were to make a copy of the essay and add on to the content I already have?

  4. TBH I'm kind of embarrassed because I feel that I not only got overly personal but got pretty off-track with this.

  5. in my right coat pocket, my headphone case.

  6. Definitely take physics and chem if u wanna get in right away. I was rejected in SOE cuz i didnt have physics. And I took chem 3 yrs…so try to take both before u apply whenever that is. Or else they will put in ACES…and then u have work your way into SOE by doing good in the CSE cal and science courses

  7. how did you know you were rejected in SoE because you didn't have physics? Did you take any other science courses?

  8. Never had physics in high school, but I did take chemistry and got into SoE

  9. if you don't mind asking, what do you think got you into SoE?

  10. thank you for the reply, I've been anxiously waiting for 10 months

  11. I love this so much this is hilarious

  12. I knew it was a banger since April 2020 when I first heard it in one of Joel's mixer streams.

  13. started prozac and brain fog gradually decreased, but recently I started to feel anxious and started to feel the same way as I used to. probably has something to do with generalized anxiety.

  14. How is it going? I’m 7 days in and it kinda sucks

  15. I went back on prozac and I feel less crappy.

  16. I hate this so much. I hate that this is an actual Japanese magigirl character with an "aesthetic" and a huge following. Straight-up romanticism.

  17. she is a mental health mascot in japan.

  18. I know. And a mental health mascot should not romanticize mental illness.

  19. Happy birthday joel. I've been a fan since I was like 12. I went to see your cube v3 show in Boston in 2020--- my first ever real concert--- and man it was awesome. I think you're generally one of my favorite people. I'm hoping I'll eventually go to another show in the future <3

  20. why did redditcareresources message me after this post?

  21. tf you talking about? I only had a 1-week break.

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