Hold on, a cow just fell out of the van

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  1. Just replace the lights in the trunk. You don't have to replace the whole trunk.

  2. and these will fit on a 2010 trunk right cause theyre technically for the japanese facelift models

  3. maybe lone ranger? they have a ridiculously long fight scene on a train, with johnny depp and a few others

  4. the two serbs in the end debatin if the guy knows or not that who lost his cow

  5. i would change the bar ends to be black and make it a top load stem

  6. Why does the background appear to warm as the water cools? Is the camera just adjusting the scale?

  7. flir camera shows whats the warmest thing in the frame and since the water is colder then the background it shows that as heat

  8. What?? It comes out of your nose at like 200 mph!!

  9. so all your dna from a sneeze goes up through your throat and out your nose and if it did it would go down not foward

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