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Boston dynamics 30 years of development that led to their robot Atlas

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  1. Similar to just work in general. Mental disability? Maybe. Under the influence? More often

  2. If it were the outer one, we probably wouldn’t be seeing this video. That’s a massive failure especially at 30,000ft.

  3. You wouldn't die without the oxygen mask, it's there to keep you from passing out so you can follow instructions in the event of a crash.

  4. I would need it. I'm a feinter

  5. Now is something like that out of hatred ? Or lust? Because I feel this isn’t a I’ll teach that bastard kinda thing. Lol. Like maybe it’s an x boyfriend I wanna have him taste me kinda thing. Lol. To me if it’s a hate thing it would be spit, in the ass or armpit kinda move.

  6. Those couple pumps in and out tell you everything

  7. Looks terrible for collecting flint and dirt in the grooves

  8. Blind people will be touching it often. I'm sure they will knock it out on just amount of touches

  9. You got a boat from cheating last year!

  10. Those newly mobilised soldiers must look at these guys and then look at their own kit and just think "ah fu*k"

  11. U16 w basketball USA vs El Salvador

  12. Do you have one for us bisexuals OP?

  13. Stop looking into the mirror

  14. This reminds me of that video with two kids in the bathroom. One of the kids shoots the other then almost immediately shoots herself. Horrifying video.

  15. Text version of the video from what I remember. Obvious trigger warning = graphic (no pun intended, please/thanks). It's been awhile:

  16. How did you bulge your disc? Does it heal/shrink on its own?

  17. You can get the doctor to shoot your shot for you. Injury inflammation sounds like it would be Cortizone

  18. I meant who self taught up to that point but yeah we are talking about people attending bootcamps not MIT.

  19. Surprisingly people who have degrees go to bootcamp too. Some are context switchers and are mechanical in training and want a emersive course to put them at the top of the list of prospects and they usually do well because of their job histories and new skill sets.

  20. Someone who knows recursion is hardly cream of the crop. They taught recursion 4 weeks into my first uni course.

  21. He meant cream of the crop not cream of all crops

  22. I've burst out dumb shit before. I've decided I'd have similar dumb shit to burst about that have low repercussions

  23. From what I’ve seen half of Latin America hates the term Latinx (their reasoning is that it’s erasing their culture and history or something like that, don’t quite recall) and the other half doesn’t talk about it.

  24. I only use the word to piss of my Mexican friend. It's a joke of word

  25. Nah dude literally looked lost. He undoubtedly had that face of “I just got tunnel vision” because he lost to a moron

  26. Poker is funny in that morons win vs people who meta too hard

  27. I really want to see him eat hot wings though

  28. Contracts. This isn't the only thing they do. Currently they're owned by Hyundai who presumably keeps them funded otherwise. Also you can buy one of the dogbots if you've got like US$80k lying around.

  29. I actually do. But I don't have the time to program it

  30. Some preprogrammed, some dynamic problem solving. The flips and all are certainly fully programmed, but when they hop over things or jump over obstacles, that is nearly 100% rule based problem solving. The same is true any time they "balance" themselves. Recovery from a near fall or loss of balance is all rule based problem solving.

  31. There's a video where some guy just pushes the robots around. They haven't solved the problem with violence yet. Mostly just stabilizing so they don't fall over rather than "fixing" the source that causes them to go unbalanced

  32. If she's saying bullshit in the office, you should be allowed to call out that bullshit. Otherwise what's stopping me from calling myself Jesus Christ elephant dong at work and claiming I shit gold?

  33. I wouldn't call out someone's religion/spirituality as it's probably covered by the handbook but I'm not bored enough to remember what's in there

  34. Honestly that's what I don't get. Why don't they inspect all fish from the teams who are winning prize money or similar or the teams at the top 10% of each competition. I can understand not checking all fish for various reasons but they should at least check the top few.

  35. I think tournament winners like to get their fish in perfect shape because they can mount them

  36. Rednecks in boats are a dangerous species

  37. Why did I have to read this far down to find this comment?!?! Thank you! Thank you! Let’s get this higher up the list, people!

  38. Do it didn't dissolve in water. It dissolved in heat.

  39. Or it's raining outside the shop

  40. It's okay it's Chocolate rain

  41. In Mexico you can get a gram of blow and a blow job for 80 bucks if you take the package deal. Don't ask me how I know

  42. I don't need to know how you know. Just asking how

  43. I've been saying this forever. If you're going to kill yourself, why not just do crazy fun shit first? It's not like you need to worry about the consequences

  44. Suicide really is a greater sin

  45. Generally, no. Most offices close down completely for things like Christmas and Arbor Day. If everybody in an office takes off the Lunar New Year, then that's what happens.

  46. lol good joke on Arbor Day

  47. It's a little bit different. Your chain of command can decline a request for vacation time. If you magically turn that into holiday time, it's a lot harder for them to say no.

  48. What if the whole office takes off. Some repercussions right?

  49. I’m well aware and this is exactly my point - op can tell more lies about how the business was in progress.

  50. Tell them it was software to help depressed people and can't disclose client info. Test subject: self

  51. I got a dog to accessories to my clothing choices. I didn't change my clothing style just got a cute dog as an accessory

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