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  1. Dimitri really needs a teddy bear, now that I think about it.

  2. Custom fire emblem funko 👀👀👀👀👀

  3. If you connected to Nintendo servers after pirating, you’re fucked. If you haven’t yet connected to Nintendo servers, you can try completely wiping the sysNAND and starting from scratch (obviously backing up stuff like game save data first). No guarantees, but it may work.

  4. what do you exactly mean by connecting to nintendo servers? I use the internet to download the games via tinfoil, does it count?

  5. Nintendo’s servers are exactly that - what your Switch connects to when you use online functions in a game, access the eShop, or your console tries to check for/download updates. If you’ve already done any of these while you had pirated games installed on the sysNAND, you’re already flagged for a ban and there’s nothing you or any of us can do about it. Homebrew like Tinfoil does not connect to Nintendo servers, although if you have your Switch connected to the Internet and you haven’t explicitly used something like Incognito to blank your serial number or block Nintendo servers, it’s probably already tried to connect and gotten you flagged.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. But you did the right thing and it looks like he had a happy life by your side, be proud <3

  7. That’s what I keep reminding myself! She had the best life a cat could hope for 🥹 We got her the summer after 2nd grade and I’m now 25! I’m thankful she got me to adulthood, but damn it hurts 😭

  8. Aw I know how it feels, maybe you should consider adopting a new kitty, of course it wont replace her but I think its really nice to give them some love too <3 hope everything goes alright with you :D

  9. Reflection? Thats bascially an obsidian scrying mirror, shes channeling dark forces.

  10. It happened only once in another mirror, but we don't really have any mirror that she could see

  11. She looks adorable with the flower on her head 💕

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