1. If an entire political ideology abandons its so-called "principles" the moment its politically expedient, just for the sake of amassing power or hurting the populations it uses as scapegoats for its issues, then yes. I'd say they don't really have values or principles.

  2. As an independent, yeah pretty much. You can disagree with what the Dems profess but they mostly stick to it.

  3. We do not have an immutable total body autonomy mandate. It's not the first tenet, compassion, which you can argue supercedes bodily autonomy, and it's not the last tenet which modify all other tenets including bodily autonomy.

  4. That's bad but it doesn't mean every 60 minutes episode out there is fake. Specifically, for that particular detransitioners episode, drugmakers would have preferred 60 minutes remain quiet on that.

  5. Answer: I just looked at this and while it's possible it's bots, these seem to be mostly aged accounts with content. To me it looks like actual humans commenting, and they possibly could have been urged to comment via some petition from the leader when they saw this video('we need your help', etc.) in a sort of brigading in the comments section.

  6. Pretty sure you can't murder someone just because your religion says it's ok/requires human sacrifice.

  7. Winter is the best time to changes leases in Seattle area. I would just go for it now.

  8. She pitched deporting “unpatriotic” Americans and replacing them with immigrants.

  9. Sometimes I wanna plant a peach tree and just let it go completely wild(Texas). Anyone ever do this?

  10. I'm pretty sure the "just let someone adopt it" argument is just a ploy anyway.

  11. My god that's beautiful. Please don't destroy this beautiful piece of American history.

  12. To compensate for the fact that Britons aren't having enough children, after having been told for decades that the world needed fewer children due to overpopulation, and somehow that was our responsibility, and it being unaffordable to have any even if you wanted to.

  13. I assumed so. We have a political party in the US that pushes for just such mass importation of people with the same deeply flawed logic. All we can hope is to learn from others mistakes.

  14. The biggest problem is that they import 300.000 - 500.000 people every single year which has massively driven up housing costs and demand for services like the NHS. Meanwhile contrary to previous immigration waves, mainly from Europe, the last decade has seen an influx of immigrants from outside Europe that cost taxpayers 120 billion pounds a year. And that was back in 2014. Immigration from outside Europe has increased exponentially since then.

  15. Maybe not to you my dude, check your privilege and go talk to people who aren't like you a bit more, maybe you'll learn something.

  16. Yeah, no one is buying his bs or yours. You keep fixating on this one post as though we don't have access to his body of work, AND to yours.

  17. That slice of data is not what the fact check discusses, and I'm not making 'a case', it's irritation that the data is conflated. Maybe I'll do a deep dive at some point if each state has data that separates the causes of deaths by gun.

  18. Of everyone I know who has a house except us, all of them have had their parents pay for down payments.

  19. The largest study of post trans outcomes showing no improvement does, in fact, prove something.

  20. I posted you the largest peer reviewed study on trans outcomes ever. You ignored it.

  21. Open the windows and air it out. Looks for any small grease splatter from where the fish was fried.

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