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  1. Yes, but they're elected in such a way that ensures that minority populations do not have a proportional impact on the electorate.

  2. Yeah. I wish it was much faster. Just charge them with a felony, ban them from ever entering again, and bus them to the border

  3. Okay wait, can you confront the issue though? DPS are grabbing single men for a separate pipeline. The women and children are processed by Border Patrol. The men are not processed quickly by any definition of the word.

  4. The only thing I can think of is it's harder to throw the people with kids in jail because what do you do with the kids, so they try to avoid the entire thing

  5. Good lord, you want a lot of floats for nazis and confederates in a hypothetical parade that you've chosen to be mad at for celebrating the end of slavery.

  6. These examples are to point out the absurdity of forcing people to comply with demands, obviously

  7. I think a key difference that’s important is of the religious nature. I don’t think a strictly Jewish parade could exclude others.

  8. Pretty sure they can. I don't think a Chanukah parade would be legally forced to just allow any random parade entry in. It's like if the pork association or shellfish market demanded to be in the Jewish parade.

  9. What's your stance on the issue? Do you feel Ted Cruz is a very bad person?

  10. Now that midterms are over coverage will now switch to how Ted Cruz is a very bad person for the next few years.

  11. Those days are gone and never coming back. The reaction to Covid and inflation killed it.

  12. "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution."

  13. If it’s something you don’t know, there are affinity groups and other communities, plus qualified professionals, who can talk you through it

  14. This whole experiment is you're guiding me through this explanation as a 4 year old

  15. Ok now you try. Explain gender to me the way you think it needs to be done, with sex

  16. I wouldn't explain it to little kids, especially not in a government' school setting.

  17. No they don’t have a grid to themselves first off and secondly I’m sorry but a couple of power outages does not compare to the Texas grid which goes down more than the other two by a lot. And had 4-7 day power outage killing over 700 people.

  18. This whole world is fucking falling apart Iam a conservative myself and this kind of bullshit I will not get behind. Fucking asking for a round of applause for Russia like wtf talking about having trump for a president till the guy dies. Someone needs to fuck that Fuentes kid up real good bring him back down off that chair he’s sitting on

  19. Honest question, why are you a conservative if there are so many conservatives that are white supremacists?

  20. This is like asking someone why they vote democrat if the democrats have black supremacists voting for them

  21. DeSantis/Gabbard. Gets the Maga Republicans, the dissatisfied Democrats, and the independent voters all at once. It would be a 47 state rout, since we all know New York, California, and Hawaii would vote for the current brain dead Dementia Patient in Chief or the VPOTUS BlowJob Barbie no matter what.

  22. Maybe someday. I don't think he's in a great position for a 2024 campaign.

  23. Public unions are congregations of people with the same goals, nothing wrong with that. Better than a million dollar company with thousands of employees versus a single employee.

  24. I don't see a valid conservative argument why it shouldn't. The only thing that I can see influencing a politician on this is the police unions influence. This doesn't strike me as particularly partisan. In fact a vast majority of us in the police accountability community here in Texas are conservatives and are the same people who pushed for constitutional carry. If we press the same Republican reps on this that we pushed for CC then we should be able to pull out a win alongside this Democratic legislator.

  25. Fine mail the absentee ballot to the community mailbox instead of the home and we are all even?

  26. If you're gonna have to go get it in person, you might as well just fill the paper out and turn it in right there was well. (Aka vote in person)

  27. Don't go moving the goalposts. We want the same unlimited restrictions for all rights as we do for the 2nd amendment. It's the only way to remain consistent.

  28. I mean I have to go get a gun in person. So you know, you can go vote in person as well.

  29. Not Republican, just not batshit insane leftists

  30. This sub is basically just making fun of Christianity and mocking Jesus and saying disgusting things half the time

  31. A lot of the comments here are just being disgusting for the sake of being disgusting

  32. I never understand the punchline to these comics.

  33. As a former teacher and someone with relatives that are/were classified as medically fragile, while school is obviously helpful but a pain for the average student (in the sense that kids complain about having to go to school, do classwork, deal with teachers, etc), we see the leaps and bounds available when severely disabled and medically fragile children attend school.

  34. I suppose, but I think it’s also important to remember that children classified as medically fragile aren’t penalized for missing school like the average child (there is an argument to be made that most children/families shouldn’t be penalized for missing school regardless, but that’s a conversation for another thread), and so these people aren’t sending their high needs child to school for fear of truancy, but because it is beneficial for the child—and let’s be honest, beneficial for the family as well.

  35. In no way does that text back up your bullshit claim that doctors are ENCOURAGED to bring it up.

  36. If people are told to mention it as an option, that's literally telling them to bring it up to patients

  37. They’re told that they can bring it up as an option if the patient meets all the conditions for MAID. You’re insinuating that doctors are actively encouraged to bring it up, which is bullshit.

  38. In the guidelines they say to mention it to patients who may qualify as a treatment option...

  39. You'll be downvoted anywhere on reddit for any opinion that divulges even mildly from the group think

  40. They would have to pass an amendment giving the government that power. That ain’t gonna happen, so banning it across federal government the best they can do.

  41. That I did not know, and am glad we did, even if that makes me wonder if that’s constitutional or not.

  42. I frankly don't like it either, but some risks are too great to ignore. The head of the FCC recently advised it be removed from the app store entirely, for everyone. Banning it from federal devices is a no-brainer.

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