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  1. Capped brood has small holes. Looks like mites. Sorry for your loss.

  2. I think OP means the comb between frames. It’s normal if you give them space, they will fill it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Why even rip it out? It's not edible anyways. Now it's dead.

  4. A small fjord about 3 hours north of Trømso Norway

  5. How sad must it be to give your short existence to someone else.

  6. What kinda of high as a kite, bong water drinking, stoner bullshit is this?

  7. thinks back to every post that has mentioned OP

  8. I spent 20mins looking for the second bobcat before clicking your link. Thanks for helping, I would have never found it.

  9. Is this a pic or a painting? Not sure this belongs here.

  10. First. That comb is not honeycomb, but rather brood comb. You can see the larva in the open ones.

  11. These were not far from Tromso. It only lasted about 7-10 minutes. Photos were really vivid. Seeing them with eyes were bright too. The video actually is the least visible. Awesome experience.

  12. I want to travel next year and I'm looking for a good spot to watch the lights. Also I'm looking for a good place to stay, Air bnb or pension, do you have a recommendation? Thnx in advance

  13. As far as seeing the Northern lights, Tromso Norway is a great spot. I would recommend staying a week for the best odds of seeing them. Tromso is small and you can see most of the attractions in a single day. It’s touristy now that the Orcas come to feed in October through December. Many hotels in the area and all are reasonably priced. Airbnb isn’t that good anymore.

  14. If I was one of those employees I would be looking for a new job. In a way I kind of think this is their backdoor way to get people to leave without forcing them to leave. Once all of the quality employees leave only the useless will be left around trying to pick up the pieces and then wait for the actual layoffs come. I've been through several layoffs in the tech industry. At first they try to bleed employees by making it a shitty place to work and then once people have stopped leaving, as in there is no one left to leave, then they start cutting whole teams.

  15. Fuck it. I would drag everything out as long as possible without breaking any company policy. They would have to fire me and I would draw unemployment. I would keep my eye out for other opportunities, but would only voluntarily leave if something better came along.

  16. Weird. “Over and over and over” is super scary. I dose and if it doesn’t fit the carb intake, I wait u til the next meal and try and correct.

  17. Well “over and over” over a 6 hour period. Like once every 2 hours, so 3 times total, but that was last night whereas this is currently. My insulin to carb ratio is like 1:10.

  18. You said you moved the insertion location. Are you 100% positive it actually inserted?

  19. That sucks. Nothing looks salvageable. Complete loss.

  20. $560 jackets? Fuck -3%, why are they almost $600 in the first place?

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