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  1. Lmao the way this sub clutches pearls as if youre actually being impacted by that “slur”. Get real ffs

  2. How is someone impacted by being called the N word online?

  3. He said in this exact <60 second clip that his wife, who is a twitch streamer, showed him her numbers.

  4. This is the weirdest "own" in destiny history

  5. I wonder why a Black man would have the perspective that everything is racial. It probably has nothing to do with his entire life experience or anything. Please enlighten us more, Destiny.

  6. Just out of curiosity, are you yourself black?

  7. It is, he took over this place. And he farms drama constantly

  8. There's like one wave of destiny clips 1-2 times a month at most lol

  9. Destiny just wants to be able to say n word with the hard r

  10. "I can give a fuck less" well if you can why don't you bozo

  11. I still don't understand why the fuck she'd be entitled to any of his money

  12. Are you trolling or actually this insane? Who gives a fuck about what's ILLEGAL? Is it immoral?

  13. How in the fuck is an 18 year old getting with a 17 year old immoral you absolute clown


  15. A lot of you will be real surprised when you look closely at your eyes in the mirror lul

  16. No I'm actually perfect, might just be a you problem.

  17. Congrats! It's just a fact that most people have some kind of asymmetry

  18. And so are cats dogs and horses versus pigs cows and chickens. The former have a history of being service animals over a long period of time, which allowed us as humans to form a deeper connection with them to allow us to see them as being more than just food (for most of us anyways). Sure, now we have them more as pets since our lives no longer require their formal upbringings, but that’s where it originated.

  19. These kinds of conversations really bring out the stupid in people. You can't even follow your own logic. Why are you comparing one kind of animal to another and as an analogy bring up a person that's close to you and some random dude? These are not analogous at all...

  20. Because the argument that idiots like yourself is framed in that regard. “OH WOW YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THE LIVES OF CATS AND DOGS, BUT DON’T CARE ABOUT ABOUT COWS AND PIGS HUH”. It’s obvious what you’re implying.

  21. You're actually really silly. Why are you adding an extra variable in the form of closeness? Yeah no shit I care way more about MY cat more than some random fucking pig. I also care infinitely more about my dad than some starving kid in Africa. That's not the argument here. An analogous situation with humans would be caring much more about a random woman on the street than a random man, or a random white person over a random black person.

  22. "Dude this isn't even like level 10 racist I can get way more racist dude!" - 35 year old father

  23. Can't make jokes when you're over 25 apparently

  24. Gotta taste the product before feeding it to someone

  25. XQC finally has a larger community that he can get clout from. Can't blame him for going for that bag.

  26. Of course you can. He's rich as fuck he doesn't need to suck up to anyone "for the bag"

  27. But he's already rich lmao. I understand some 5 to 9 scrub taking a massive gambling sponsorships and I can't really blame them for that, but I can absolutely blame a multi millionaire for doing the same. Same shit with dick riding.

  28. free speech andys strike again

  29. 100% old clips of Destiny saying the N word and his N word manifesto stuff is all going to resurface again in the next few days, no way W community isn't diggin in the crates rn looking for dirt.

  30. The "N word manifesto" doesn't really even have anything to do with the N word lmao.

  31. He got sucked into the starting strength meme. He says he just wants to be stronger, but judging from my personal experience that's just cope. Also I really don't understand why being strong is confused with 3 lifts. If someone is truly strong they'll have big lateral raises, bicep curls, lunges, pull ups, farmer carries and so on not just SBD...

  32. Sex is overrated. It's like masturbating with less predictable orgasm quality.

  33. Well that sucks for almost all women outside of... googles statistics on height... Lithuania apparently. Huh. Well, sorry all you non Lithuanians, sucks to be minor coded, have luck being lonely and only attractive to pedophiles!

  34. As a short Lithuanian man - fuck this country

  35. Just banning or limiting Airbnb would probably solve most of this

  36. As someone who lived in Amsterdam for 5 months, I can totally understand this campaign and especially the Br*tish part. I used to work in a small shop on the Kalverstraat, and the number of people who are drunk and high mid-day asking you where the whores (their words, not mine) are is ridiculous. And ALL OF THEM were British.

  37. What do you mean by sexually assaulted. lul all the soys down voting this.

  38. No, he deletes the vods himself because there has been groups of people mass reporting his vods if he doesn't private them

  39. Augest responded in offline chat about the vods being private a couple of hours ago and he said the same thing, just telling people that think it's youtube themselves

  40. The Kanye vod is private the rest are still there

  41. The channel editor privated the vod as a precaution

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