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[Post Match Thread] Man City 0 - 1 Chelsea (CL Final)

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  1. The fuel gauge is really inaccurate, if i fill the tank with 25 litres it’ll show me an almost full tank even though it’s supposed to be halfway (tank capacity is 50 litres). Calculate ur mileage using your receipt from the gas station.


  3. while i do agree the sidewalks should also be cleared asap, its a bigger problem if the roads arent cleared asap. If a car slips and skids it can crash and hurt/kill someone. If a person slips they’re most likely just getting a minor injury

  4. pretty sure the rsx doesnt have a MAF sensor

  5. Ive had a similar issue where if i rev the car it goes up to whatever rpm, then goes down to idle (around 700 rpm) then bounces up to 1500rpm then finally goes back down. There were also some weird stuff with my idle but eventually i was able to pinpoint the issue, it was the idle air assist valve. Something was wrong with it but i didn’t know what so we plugged the hose and the idle was normal again.

  6. The auto transmission on the prelude is pretty unreliable

  7. You are missing the long bolt that has a flat washer on it that holds the air intake snorkel. Part # 90005-P28-A00 on acurapartswarehouse’s diagram is what you need to order or buy, or just get a bolt that can thread in and hold it together.

  8. i also needed this , thanks

  9. My slow lil A3 got me just about 220 miles or so on half a tank. All highway driving @ 80mph.

  10. 30mpg-us when I'm not driving fast.

  11. Check out partsavatar, it’s Canadian and they have free shipping

  12. Partsavatar was a decent experience for me, I was able to get NGK iridium spark plugs for half price. Their website kinda sucks when it comes to finding certain parts tho

  13. We're gonna need some more details about the project to make a good soild choice. I bought this year ago, 92 prelude with h22A swap and its awesome

  14. it was apparently put in professionally by a shop but i kind of doubt that

  15. Buying another man's project is a super sketchy idea if your a new DIY mechanic. If you have good intuition and are a quick learner, it's a honda so it's a bit simpler. Also forget the years old " there's parts and their always cheap" saying you've most likely heard. Hondas are getting more expensive to keep running well.

  16. yeah i was already sketchy about it but I guess i’ll have to check it out properly and see

  17. You read my fckin mind with this post, I swear half of ya'll don't even look up from your phones or look both ways before you cross the street rn. I've had like 5x in the past few days having to stop on Uni Ave. near the plaza because people are just roaming across traffic when we have solid green lights. Same with Uni Plaza, like holy fck stop walking face down in the middle of the busy parking lot, use the sidewalks or at least be semi aware of your surroundings

  18. Lol and dont forget the people who appear outta nowhere from behind a stopped car and u have to slam on the brakes because those people didnt even bother atleast looking or going in front of the stopped car

  19. To add to the GO complaints, before exams the busses were always packed with people. I remember during reading week the bus was so full we left at-least 20 people out. I find it stupid how they haven’t increased bus frequency to 30 min yet and I’m sure bus drivers have complained about full busses so GO should know about this issue.

  20. Take the GO train, it's so much nicer and same price as the GO bus

  21. Last time I checked, GO train departures from kitchener were always early morning which works for people who work in Toronto but never ever works with my class schedule. A lot of people also complain about the GO Train schedule too lmaoo

  22. dont do it on campus PLEASE

  23. My ipad + apple pencil literally made my $2000 surface obsolete. I only use my surface to play games now lmao. Id say its worth it

  24. I have friends scattered across the GTA but literally 0 friends in KW

  25. Fuck rogers. I couldn’t even do my assignment due today because of them.

  26. what's the utility of you teaching a kid in Lebanon versus them watching a YouTube video? even here in Canada we watch YouTube videos to learn how to code

  27. because some may not be able to understand the videos and others dont have a good enough connection to the internet. Dont be so ignorant and assume that just cuz you were able to learn through youtube, everyone else can too.

  28. At my flight school we always have the beacon on, even when the master is off we have to keep the beacon switch on, i guess it’s because a lot of us kept forgetting about the beacon before. As for landing lights/taxi lights, for ground manoeuvring we turn them on whenever we are about to move and turn them off once we are stopped. When we takeoff we turn on the landing light, if you are staying in the control zone then we keep it on and if not then we turn it off once we’re clear of the control zone.

  29. on the fifa 15 demo the first match you played was liverpool vs man city but back then i didnt know those teams so it was just red vs blue to me. Since blue was my favourite colour i ended up choosing man city everytime i played the fifa 15 demo and eventually that same year i fell in love with city

  30. flying planes that’s basically it

  31. not gonna say pep out but ffs why the fuck arent u playing a lineup that worked for 4 straight ucl games

  32. sell sterling idec anymore ive defended him before but now its just dumb to defend him

  33. sub off sterling bro for our sake


  35. sub off sterling, move foden to left wing, bring on ferna or rodri for cdm pls

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