1. Well EG's early game was good. The mid game ... uh ... needs work.

  2. Shhh everyone pretend this didn't go up late

  3. I know they had open tryouts but was it ever stated that they were going to be done publicly?

  4. Hmm I wonder which player Alter Ego Celeste is holding in contract jail...

  5. Thanks for the head's up. That's the channel listed on the Knights Arena twitter, so perhaps they're having production delays? I'll keep an eye out for updates.

  6. Also worth adding that a tournament this long is already probably exhausting for talent and production; adding more games (either through more 3-game days or multiple streams) would probably be really hard on them.

  7. Honestly I think the best way to approach the tournament is as a showcase of teams more than a determiner of team strength. Sure, the team that wins will be good, but given the format it won't be possible to come up with an accurate ranking of teams based on placements. For hardcore fans that's disappointing, but given logistical constraints I understand why Riot has done it this way.

  8. How did they get their DSG Flair :(. Can't find it on the flair dropdown.

  9. If you select the flair with the pencil symbol (or actually any of them technically), there should be an emoji symbol in the far right of the text box. Click that and the full library of flairs pops up, and you can search by org (e.g. "DSG" should help you find what you're looking for).

  10. Both valyn and trent seem destined to end up on a partnered team pretty soon if Guard doesn't qualify through Ascension.

  11. This whole showmatch is hilarious. First Ludwig taunting tarik after "he" killed him, then Sideshow being up in the bed.

  12. T1 looked like they could execute fairly well, but were not practiced at holding space on defense or in post plants. I suspect the broadcast is probably right that it may stem from just about everyone being on a different role. I still think they have a really high ceiling, but looks like it may take a while to get there.

  13. I forgot how fun it is to watch TenZ play Jett

  14. Nice recovery from T1, once they got it together they actually had some nice executes. It will be good to see another competitive Korean team.

  15. Unfortunately this first map doesn't look like it's going to be great, T1 don't seem to have good strategic plan

  16. That meta where the Ares was busted for two weeks

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