1. Definitely not totaled. Probably like a grand or two to fix excluding any body damage if there is any,

  2. No. There are also 2wds with torsion bars. Mostly 4.0Ls, some 3.0Ls

  3. 98' and up 4x4 and Trailhead only 01' and up 4x4 and Edge only

  4. Let it get scrapped, that thing is so rusty there’s almost nothing left. If it’s 300$ I guess you may be able to part some stuff out.

  5. You are a moron. You clearly haven’t seen rust. The fenders are worth $500 a piece….this car is a gold mine

  6. Those fenders are hammered, rusted out, dog shit and you can buy NEW FENDERS for 250-300 a piece, and you can find PERFECT RUST FREE ones all over eBay for less than 200$ a piece. Idiot. The only thing that car is good for is wheels, parts, some trim and the glass.

  7. Yea they added 3-4 new vehicles and a giant off-roading rock crawling map with lots of great trails and sand dunes

  8. He’s just saying that all European cars are crap, and Volvos are the least crappy of them. Makes sense to me. REV UP THOSE ENGINES

  9. I had to factory reset my iPhone, before I did, I put all of my iPhones pictures and videos into a folder on my computer, I would like to put all of those photos and videos back onto my restored iPhone, but cannot figure out how to do it. All the photos and videos have retained the correct file format.

  10. Pull down the headliner or anything that can burn , prop up a wet towel on the inside to catch any sparks and just weld it. Spray paint the area with a can of white paint. It’s on the roof covered up by stuff nobody will ever see it.

  11. Yup I agree. Otherwise it’s just going to keep flexing and cracking more. Too much weight with the tent flexing up there. Problem is that when metal gets worked like that it gets worked harden and will crack again

  12. Doing Anything else will just fail and leak.

  13. The last one is a reference to a painting an old woman stole and tried to fix herself and totally ruined.

  14. He literally said it’s a 97 jeep

  15. Buying a junkyard motor and swapping it in will be cheaper.

  16. How did you take a blurry screenshot lol.

  17. You need to Check the frame around the steering box for rust and cracks and where it it goes from fully boxed to just C channel, it’s about where the driver door starts under the truck, also make sure the shock mounts aren’t rusted off the frame and the rear shackle hangers aren’t rusted off the frame.

  18. It’s in options-display- then uncheck “Enable multi-monitor render”

  19. Yea those are the big dinosaur prints on lake kovd by the power station, nice little Easter egg from the devs.

  20. My college dorm like 2 miles from anything scout in Ames Iowa, I drive by it all the time, they always have all kinds of scouts sitting around out there.

  21. That’s a reverse glory hole

  22. Pay to recover it and move on. Or get another big truck with a crane

  23. Looks like they have a solid axle in the front.

  24. I’m more interested in the trailer on a trailer.

  25. Ran out of gas 3 times in my life. All 3 in a Jeep. 2 times in a 1983 Scrambler . 1 time in a 1980 CJ5. Learned that when the needle touches the line in a CJ you are walking

  26. I ran out of gas 2 times in January within a week and a half of each-other. LOL

  27. You can tell that thing is huge if you park a scout next to it or just look around inside

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