Atrioc issues apology and says he tries to build a safe environment for women on Twitch and got lured by an AD

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  1. I didn't know Atrioc had such dedicated fans, y'all be challenging every detail like defense attorneys

  2. Hmm, probably they got sucked in by targeted ads themselves...

  3. My thing is I have never even seen any ads like that on Pornhub so I am just as confused as you.

  4. Maybe it wasn't PH but some other "normal" pron site?ADs can really slip stuff through now or then.

  5. Pornhub completely bans deepfakes so there is absolutely 0 chance that out of all the ads possible, a deepfake of fellow streamers appeared there.

  6. Well i have seen an ad like that - not even on pornhub but on a PC i literally have never visited adult content sites and use mainly for work. There i had previously searched for AI stuff to improve an autocomplete type component. I then saw an ad for deepfakes on a fairly popular filehost that had an example dataset someone had made. So yes, ads learn your interests and if YT can't keep their ADs clean, PH will have an even harder time.

  7. Well she is around my age, looks wise she is comfortably in the 'don't need to think twice' category and from the personality she has shown I would also say no real concern. So yes.

  8. i can also recommend Krita for having a more PS like interface:

  9. wonder how much power that thing was outputting before it broke

  10. I mean, most OF or can girls just link twitter or insta. That'd probably work.

  11. but links to their porn game sponsor gave them a strike, so i would guess only handle is ok

  12. For audio effects there is no Logitech specific app.

  13. Oh shit, I thought the strikes were permanent and MXR was a ticking time bomb, no idea that they went away!

  14. Yeah, they do. In total, MxR would have about 10 strikes now.

  15. Just whatever they did involving their breach. Their free stuff doesn’t annoy me at all. More media. I can organize it how I want. I don’t like losing internet connection on some devices makes authentication hard but that’s been for a while. People so annoyed about free content tabs being posted to their app that they can remove because it interferes with their pirated content. Lol

  16. For me, it is exactly not because of Hollywood media. If i share home movie and photos libraries, and it pins the "free" movie tabs to the top, it confuses e.g. parents.

  17. Daughter 1 has a reasonably new Samsung, Son has LG and not sure what Daughter 2 has. Until all 3 have access to a preferred option, I'll be sticking to Plex, as I don't see the need to maintain 2 systems. Might be different if I was using it regularly, but the only time I touch one of them is when I'm on baby sitting duties.

  18. Totally valid, I just bought a stick for the one LG TV I have - the 30€ were worth it for me to not have to keep plex around

  19. At first glance, I thought you had Photoshopped Henry's face on the middle one as a joke ^^

  20. This is either a bot that messed up, or someone on internet explorer LMAO

  21. There are Bots flooding this reddit with reposts for a while

  22. Yay fanart again! you got my upvote crusader!

  23. So we have a new account, and a poorly cropped image that is a

  24. I agree: played duo yesterday with a friend (he: g1 i:g4), got steamrolled with 8 loss 1 win. Played solo the day before - 11 game win streak.

  25. Probably they know now, since this blew up along with the Established titles stuff.

  26. I only learned about the titles being a scam yesterday despite being on YouTube a lot so there’s a good chance that they just don’t know

  27. i also only just seen this a week ago - but i mean now it is pretty much unignorable...

  28. but then funny title is not funny anymore ^^

  29. Wow, sharing pseudo-liberal ruzzian media here now? Is this allowed?

  30. it is sharing the source for the topic of a discussion question.

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