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  1. I didn't like the cleaners idea.. they just don't look badass enough to feel satisfied when they are gone :/ Vlad was badass btw. The game should have said "you won" though if you fail to save him at the very beginning... Oh.. yes, spoiler alert

  2. Did you get the ones from Bose or from Amazon 3rd party? I’m planning to replace mine but idk if the 3rd party ones on Amazon affect the ANC.

  3. Rico also has no chill about video games, what's up with that πŸ˜„ " But no! They sit down in front of a TV, and solve their differences with a kung fu fighting video game!"

  4. β€˜Officer, did you get his license plate number?’

  5. Btw our school once had a crash when the raid controller itself broke and messed up all disks πŸ˜„ so yea backups are king πŸ’ͺ

  6. Didn't Eternal come out in March? srsly every gym bro comes up bigger at that time after the winter bulk season... 2016 came out in May, which is after a 60-day beach body cut phase, probably low carb crash diet.

  7. From all I heard, the issue with arc is mostly software so unless you wanna deal with the early adopter problems, choose green or red until they fix them

  8. There's a soldering iron with a screen somewhere in his room. It also probably runs Doom.

  9. Some sources indicate a page size of 16k on MX500, so that might align with a defective page. Usually an SSD will note this during initial write and allocate a reserved/backup page, so it's transparent to the user. I'm not sure why yours didn't. See also:

  10. Thanks, that's interesting. I've also noticed the peculiar alignment. I'm trying to investigate this but don't know how. I'll try checkdisk overnight. It takes like 9h to complete on an SSD of this size.

  11. CrystalDiskInfo seems to be popular for SMART status on Windows. In particular, stats for reallocated sectors/reserved block usage (not sure which ones are exposed by MX500 off the top of my head) would be interesting to see if the drive detected a bad write.

  12. The dumbest thing is that Crucial Storage Executive doesn't show SMART data. It just says it's not available, rejected by the drive or something. I get SMART data for the disk from Intel SSD Toolbox tho, and one issue that it shows is 1 CRC error (field C7) , but I read somewhere it's related to data transfer and not data at rest?

  13. There's literally a rune that allows you to temporarily die, figure out how to rip and tear what's in front of you for a couple of seconds, and come back to life to finish the job πŸ˜„

  14. Should we start a Kickstarter project? Gather a few million bucks for a gift with a card that says "Mick and Marty please be friends again and make music for us"

  15. Souls. Use us D3 marine: * aims, fires * Cube: * flies around, chops off a leg of a random cyberdemon nearby, makes barbecue for 2 out of it* Doom guy: Hm.. got whiskey too?

  16. It could be that the power supply is failing.Most of the time a failing PSU will cease to work but sometimes a failing PSU will continue to supply power, this is a potential fire hazard.

  17. How do you diagnose that? I have a new Be Quiet! PSU... And it's kind of at the top of the case , very far from where I saw the sparks at

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