1. I think a not very small portion of this sub just really wanted to hate on Harry Potter and latched onto the transphobia as justification

  2. There are a good number of people in this sub who are trans. I am one of those. And the transphobia is part of it, the storyline is also pretty sus lest you forget.

  3. I'm not saying that every person here fits what I described. Our even a majority of people. Most people here at taking issue with the game for the right reasons

  4. Yes, BASED corporations, BASED capitalism. Every rich CEO def cares about these kinda problems and they def dont do this for PR!

  5. You realize that corporations are made up of people, right?

  6. You realize that intentionally being "apolitical" is political, right?

  7. OHHH that one! Doesn’t he kill some Russian dictator and get executed?

  8. That was the future state tie in everyone had to do

  9. I'm going to put a lot of it on Seduction of the Innocent and the red scare

  10. "Imagine them in a relationship" is an interesting way of saying "imagine fucking them"

  11. I'm alright with a science-y explanation, but it should follow the basis of the actual power. Spiders are very in tune to vibrations, which is what allows them to instantly know when something has hit their web as well as avoid certain predators. Peter having a Daredevil-esque radar sense that allows him to detect danger makes sense with the "spider-ness" of it

  12. IGN is too afraid to be critical of pokemon since the "too much water" controversy.

  13. I'd strongly disagree. Season 2 was the show at its most plot heavy, while season 3 slowed things down a lot to really focus on character. Hell Dick and Artemis each get multiple episodes focused on losing Wally. Violet, Brion, Forager, and Gar all get pretty big character arcs

  14. Hot take: YJ does it better and that's kind of its problem

  15. I think it was a cool thing for the developers to do

  16. I don't think you understand the point of reviews in general

  17. Clark didn't until Pa Kent waa gone. As since then, he has been a drifter until Zod showed up.

  18. Yeah, because Jon was pressuring him into staying on the farm

  19. The real question is why has no catwoman been able to match the sexiness of Ertha Kitt?

  20. I once had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom

  21. Alain is much more worthy of a spot in the M8 than Sawyer. Ash vs Sawyer might be a better battle than Ash vs Alain but Alain is still a much stronger trainer than Mega Sceptile kid

  22. Sawyer is not better then Alain, they are not even close and it is obvious. Ash is better than Alain but the latter had a superior mon, but Sawyer is nowhere near this level. Sawyer is just a writers project, lets make a little boy who wants be like Ash and give him some character arc just to show how Ash is growing. Alain had a Metagross, a TT, a MCharX and some other offensive powerhouses like Weavile and Bisharp. His only out-of-place pokemon is Unfezant. Sawyer has a Slurpuff, a Clawitzer, and a Slaking. They almost used him as an ability showcase. Look, lightning rod on MSceptile, look, truant on Slaking, mega launcher on Clawitzer. Also, his movesets for some of his pokemon, like his ace, is just bad. Of all the main rivals in the anime history (Trip in Unova, not Cameron), Sawyer is the worst. Gary, Paul, Alain would shit on him on the battlefield.

  23. Yen Sid has both eyes though? And if he knew Xehanort’s plan then how come he was tricked by him?

  24. I also think it makes the character dynamics a bit more interesting

  25. The whole scene feels like style over substance. "Hmmm, a heart attack is too easy, let's go big with a tornado!"

  26. This is an overarching problem with the movie in general. The stakes are always TOO FUCKING BIG and it misses the point of the character

  27. Why didn't you get to write MoS? That's a far better approach that hits pretty much the same notes. Like I said earlier: embarrassing number of easy to fix flaws.

  28. Yeah, the movie is one rewrite away from being pretty solid

  29. I think if Superman simply said “You have to save my mom.” It would have made more sense and hit Batman just as hard.

  30. "Here's this scene where Bruce sees Clark as a human for the first time, how can we make him seem human?"

  31. Birthright is a better story in that it's designed to be a story. Secret Origin feels more like a "young Clark anthology" where Johns can bring back the elements he wants to use in his run

  32. So Marv Wolfman's ex hated his roommate apparently

  33. Nah it's different. The most unwavering character in the original trilogy, who wouldn't strike down his mass murdering father, becomes an unrecognizable version of himself who is willing to kill his nephew. Not because said nephew had even done anything it was more or less a "bad feeling" and becomes a tired grumpy hag. That's not how you progress a character with already established traits. You can get Luke to that point but it has to feel natural.

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