1. I know that. He’s a monster. I feel he doesn’t get the fan recognition he deserves, therefore in my opinion underrated

  2. Thank you!!! The Julio was a long deal, lot of bartering. One of my biggest cards in my collection!

  3. Op likes the card. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. They do.

  4. This didn't age well. Shocked they nontendered him, but I think he was re-signed to a minor league deal

  5. I’m hopeful! Rule 5? I think it is is a bitch. Gives them a lot of incentive to give him a trial. I think if he improves his hit tool he’s got a great shot

  6. Yeah the reds have a big group of guys hit rule 5 draft this year.

  7. If you want to split the lot, I’d be interested in the rainbow foil RC

  8. Working on a trade at the moment. Will let you know if it falls through.

  9. I recently bought this card. /50 Father’s Day blue if you are interested!?

  10. Very cool. I collect Reds too. Do you have a checklist or something for the SPs?

  11. No haha no checklist. As of now, this picture is my checklist

  12. I love the Darvish batting SP, so much so that I bought a jumbo of it too.

  13. Heck yeah!! Those pitchers batting SP’s are always fun

  14. I hope that eBay seller is a Reddit person and sees this post😅

  15. I’ve got the 1987 insert rivar SanMartan and Santillan auto if you are looking to add to that nice collection of autos 🔥 both for $5

  16. That 1/1, I almost have the full rainbow. Just missing the /5.

  17. I don’t like the mantle solely because centering. That would drive me nuts. However the tatis and vladdy autos are easily replaceable

  18. Hold til he has a good 10 game stint next season. From what I’ve seen on this sub the card went from like $375 to around $200ish.

  19. It went that high imo because it was brand new. There’s new Jrod SP’s out and more Jrod cards. That specific card isn’t the “hot new card” anymore.

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