1. Summer and Crossbows. It's like an unofficial theme of Wagner, so used ironically here lol

  2. Song is a banger. It's a Wagner song lol. Ironic.

  3. Here you go, rounds flying in both directions, from the same operation.

  4. I would have thought that an antiwar sub would be supportive of people choosing not to wage war.

  5. This isn't an anti-war sub, it's an anti-US sub. It's confusing because America has been at war for so long it's easy to get the wrong idea.

  6. This was (likely) the overwatch team, providing cover to the other units doing the assault.

  7. The video is really unprofessionally done and in my opinion does not show the IDF in a good light. Kind of bizzar that this video was published.

  8. Please put your comments and criticisms in the IDF's suggestion box.

  9. They're putting in tracers for every single round to make it look more impressive. PR shoot.

  10. Spends months asking for German tanks and being denied.

  11. Helmets are not designed to be bullet proof (let alone a large calibre bullet from a sniper), I assume this soldier was sadly KIA

  12. What's the story behind Ugledar, why build a compact mini city surrounded by farmland?

  13. Just Soviet things. It's quite common in that part of the world.

  14. Judging by the fact that the video was recorded from a drone safely observing the surroundings, perhaps it is not so great for the Ukrainian military.

  15. Are you new to this conflict?

  16. Trained. They are far better equipped than the poor bastards Ukraine is literally kidnapping of the streets these days.

  17. Talk about having to zoom in to see attempts at Russian progress. Soon we'll be down to street by street levels again!

  18. Literally aren't capturing whole fields... Like, they've advanced half a field in some areas? That's WW1 style offensive.

  19. Kiwi I love that you put Soviet music on Russian clips and Nasheeds on Chechen clips. You're the best.

  20. If you have something to say, you can just say it, there's no need to play games.

  21. And I am an impatient person who isn't in the mood.

  22. Anyone who think this war will be over before that - I commend you for your optimism,

  23. Did Bakhmut get surrounded and nobody told me?

  24. Welp, that's game I guess...

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