1. I'm still salty about them changing 0B1 from some Clone Wars military designation to an actual name. It makes more sense for his name to be Ben, and 0B1 to be a number, but just like they call C-3PO "Threepio" they started calling Kenobi "Obi-Wan", and never bothered with it again.

  2. If it makes you feel any less salty, that was never true and only a fan theory so they didn’t change anything

  3. Tbf a new character design isnt that big of a spoiler, especially when (like OP said) they showed it in a trailer over a month ago.

  4. I don't use a guardian. I don't have enough space so it's always appearing and breaking my immersion. I've never broken anything (knock on wood).

  5. Don’t knock on the wood too hard, or it will break

  6. I got a three in one Star Wars Lego set and each set was in a different box inside the big box

  7. I think you might be confused, the Creator theme has 3 models each with their own set of instructions using the same pieces so you can do 1 of the 3, so they’re called “3 in 1” I’m not sure if you got a gift set like 66708 but that’s just three different sets packaged together so that the retailer (ie, Walmart in that case) can offload extra inventory

  8. Dang, adjusted for inflation that would cost $9.52 usd today

  9. He mentioned in a other comment that it's an online class, and I have online classes and I only go for the required attendance, I'm still doing fine.

  10. I know this will probably sound cliche but… You don’t really feel the effects of missing out on your educational experience until later on. Not just the information they teach but habits that you can use in the future.

  11. I think I saw somewhere that it does use stickers

  12. insert fandom fans will always find something to complain about

  13. I agree, but it really feels like Star Wars fans are the worst of it

  14. Gold is also soft so that kinda checks out tbh

  15. png files can save a transparent background

  16. I just got through building this a couple days ago, the more I look at the rust stickers, the less I like them, lol

  17. I will give them this, at least they made them clear rather than trying to match the white

  18. Love those set. Took me a few months to get it going too and also opted to skip the rust. I was surprised how big it was. Really great looking set.

  19. I used to enjoy his channel, but he’s become toxic with a massive ego.

  20. Oh no I actually WANTED to be kicked out of the LEGO ambassadors program, seriously

  21. Do you know how little that narrows it down? /s

  22. Hahah while I see your point, I googled “lego star wars set review” and his stupid face is the first thing that pops up. And I don’t want his videos so it’s not the algorithm or anything

  23. WikiHow: How to make a baby, Part 3

  24. I know this isn’t a reselling thing, but I would definitely buy a Statler from you, and probably even a Dr Bunsen if you don’t want both. I’ve been looking for Statler everywhere

  25. I really love your take on this! The fireplace with the mirror reflecting the scene takes it to a whole other level. If you like isometric tutorials, Genevieve's Design Studio recently uploaded one with a gingerbread house --

  26. The mirror somehow reflecting the wall it’s on

  27. lots, and lots of force users missings. since you are including dark side users, I think malgus and revan could use the force. As for jedis, your missing luke skywalker

  28. Yes he did. Charred Anakin had the red/yellow eyes, and LEGO still didn't gave that to him either.

  29. Well he had them. The only time they weren't red/yellow was “briefly” when he was talking to Obi-Wan in the finale.

  30. I can’t find any stills or clips where his eyes look red except when the glow of his lightsaber blade illuminates his whole face, but I don’t feel very strongly about this—if some people think his minifig’s eyes should be red/yellow then fine, but it doesn’t bother me that they’re black

  31. In case anyone at home doesn’t know, mono = one, rail = rail

  32. You need to go through steps 81 to 92 again. You didn't build the removable element correctly.

  33. Damn put a warning next time you post an MandR video

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